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  • About “Seoul City Design Policy” and “International Design Management Institute”

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    Chung Kyung-won, head of the Design Seoul project, was invited to speak at a conference organized by the globally leading Design Management Institute, Seoul City said.

    Chung, who is also chairman of the Korea Design Management Institute, spoke about the management plans of Seoul’s 2010 World Design Capital. His speech featured an analytical view of the key elements of the Seoul Design project, which includes personnel, organization, and systems.

    The two-day global conference, which started on June 16 in San Francisco, examined the future of design. It had 17 design industry heavy-weights from around the world as guest speakers, with Chung being the only one from Asia, Seoul City said.

    The conference gathered a diverse range of experts such as business leaders, industrial designers and design educators. It served as a platform for the participants to gather insight on both the future and role of design through the discussions of various topics, such as innovative designs, the transformation of design, multilateral systems and society, the changes in business and education in the field of design, and real case studies of design management.

    Seoul City said that the adoption of the 2010 World Design Capital project this year is expected to help market Seoul by helping to boost the global image of Korea’s capital and add value to the city.

    The World Design Capital was recognized by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) for Seoul’s development progress through the use of design. The Italian city of Torino was the first to be selected as an exemplary model in 2008, while Seoul was the first city ever to be chosen in a global competition for the World Design Capital in October 2007 at the general meeting of the ICSID held in San Francisco.