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  • A Walking Tour around Seoul

  • Integrated News SMG 2814

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government selected a total of 50 teams in an open competition launched on June 15 to create scenarios for a walking tour of Seoul. On July 28, undergraduate students teamed with foreigners had a hands-on experience of a walking tour of Seoul based on the selected scenarios, after attending a ceremony held at 1: 30 PM at the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center.

    The 50 teams of undergraduates will serve as Seoul Tour Guides, explaining the walking tour courses selected through the open competition to foreign tourists and carrying their articles on the hands-on experience on blogs, in connection with the effort to publicize the walking tour courses.

    Since 2003, the Government has offered “a walking tour program with interpretation” in various places including Bukchon Hanok Villag to a total of 320,000 tourists.

    Those interested can submit an application to the Government via the Internet (dobo.visitseoul.net) or phone (+82-2-6925-0777) for the walking tour, which includes tourist guides who are selected and trained every year.

    Commenting on the program, a Seoul Metropolitan Government official said that it was developed to meet the high demand from young foreigners interested in the country’s culture, IT, ecological environment and information technology.