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  • A Trip for Small but Certain Happiness! Seoul Metro, 12 Autumn Travel Courses

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    A Trip for Small but Certain Happiness! Seoul Metro, 12 Autumn Travel Courses

    For anyone waiting for the endless scorching heat to pass by, how about taking a small Seoul trip via subway? The first stamp tour event to be held since the establishment of Seoul Metro will include 12 various travel courses and an easier completion requirement.

    Seoul Metro will hold the ‘Seoul Subway Stamp Tour’ from September 3 to October 31 and introduce attractions in Seoul that are easy to access via subway, and it will reward those who complete the course with souvenirs.

    This year, there will be 12 courses that will be in operation under the theme ‘Autumn, a small but certain happiness.’

    This year’s courses include new selections such as Seoul’s new attractions – Seoullo 7017, the Gyeongchun Line (Railroad) Forest Park, Hangang Park where the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is held, the Unhyeongung Yanggwan that was the home of the goblin (Gong Yoo) and the grim reaper (Lee Dong-wook) in the TV show Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, and the Safety Experience Center Course where participants can gain a virtual experience of disasters and accidents.

    The Kangfull Comics Street, the cozy alleyway that received a high level of satisfaction during the 2016 Stamp Tour, and the Haebangchon Art Village Course, a place to discover the world in Seoul, were added to this year’s tour as well.

    Anyone wanting to take part in the stamp tour can receive a tour passport at the Customer Service Center at the designated stations, take photos at each course and show them to station staff. A completion confirmation stamp will be given to anyone who visits more than four courses out of the 12 courses. Participants who receive the completion confirmation stamp can register the certificate of authentication on the website (http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr) between November 1 and 9 and apply to receive a souvenir.

    This year, participants who visit more than four courses out of the 12 courses will be recognized as having completed the event, and 531 participants of the registered participants on the website will be selected to receive gifts. Previously, participants who visited eight courses out of the 10 courses received completion gifts on a first come, first served basis.

    Unlike the previous leaflet for collecting stamps, a passport-style handbook was made this year for participants to experience the joy of collecting completion stamps just like passport stamps. The ‘Stamp Tour Passport’ also includes a QR code for each course so that participants can easily get information about each course on their smartphones.