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  • A to Z of World economies in Seoul City for ‘G20 summit’ in Seoul

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    The Group of Twenty (G20) major economies include the Group of Seven advanced economies (the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada), the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), emerging economies (South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, South Africa and Argentina) and the European Union. In addition to the 20 members, the G20 is comprised of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

    Seoul City sets plans for successful host of G20 summit in November

    On Feb. 4, Seoul City said it has launched projects to successfully host a G20 summit in Seoul in November. The projects include support for accommodation, transportation, security and ways to let people around the world know about Seoul. The projects consist of three categories; ‘Supports for Government to Host G20 Summit,’ ‘Project to Improve Seoul’s Dignity’ and ‘Project to Increase Economic Benefits of Seoul City’ to maximize economic gains as the host of the G20 summit.

    Comprehensive measures to support accommodation, transportation and security to successfully host G20 summit

    To provide comfortable accommodation to participants at the G20 summit in November, Seoul City plans to open ‘comprehensive support centers for G20 participants’ at 75 first-class hotels in Seoul. The centers plan to provide emergency medical treatment, interpretation, information and visa-related services.

    Also, 15 eco-friendly electric vehicles will be on the roads between the summit’s venue and hotels and the city plans to increase the number of taxis for foreign tourists to 500 from 226. About 1,000 volunteers with foreign-language skills will be mobilized to help the foreign participants at 25 subway stations, 165 bus stops and other places nearby the summit’s venue and hotels.

    To offer an emergency medical service, the city will set up a ‘medical support center’ with private hospitals and operate ‘emergency medical centers’ at the first-class hotels and major tourist spots. Each ‘emergency medical center’ will consist of four doctors and nurses.

    In addition, the city will designate the summit’s venue, hotels and other places where many foreigners would visit as a ‘special management zone for food safety,’ aimed at strengthening precautionary measures for food safety.

    ‘Project to Improve Seoul’s Dignity’ to successfully host G20 summit

    In an effort to herald a clearer and attractive image of Seoul to the world during the November G20 summit, Seoul City designated the fourth Wednesday of each month as a ‘Big Clean‑up Day’ when people are encouraged to voluntarily participate in a city cleanup campaign.

    What’s more, the city plans to encourage citizens to join volunteer projects to successfully host the G20 summit and improve the image of Seoul citizens through foreign eyes.

    The city plans to launch a project to ‘improve Seoul’s dignity by a notch’ through a campaign to ‘become a mature global citizen’ that calls for citizens to participate in a movement to resolve global issues.

    ‘Project to Increase Economic Benefits of Seoul City’ to maximize achievements from G20 summit

    Seoul City plans to use the G20 summit in November as a chance to increase foreign direct investment and advertise the city’s advantages in the convention industry to G20 participants and foreign media.

    In addition, the city will push to host the summit’s auxiliary conferences and events. The city has been in consultation with the central government to host the B20 conference and a spouse program at the ‘Floating Island’ on Hangang. Also, the city will attract foreign investment during investor relations sessions with corporate leaders of the B20 conference, tour programs to major development areas and face-to-face consultations with corporate executives.

    What’s B20?

    The B20 (Business 20) conference was proposed by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. The conference plans to invite chief executives of the top 20 companies in each member country of the G20, which would be an unprecedented business gathering in terms of scale, during the G20 summit in November.

    By significantly expanding the number of volunteers with foreign-language skills, Seoul City plans to let them systematically learn about cultural assets in Seoul to upgrade its tourism service capacities. Also, the city plans to make Seoul a city associated with ‘green and IT’ by operating an experience zone for state-of-the-art information technology and eco-friendly projects.

    An official at Seoul City said, “To successfully host the G20 summit would serve as a springboard for Seoul to become one of the top 10 advanced cities in the world.” “In the wake of the G20 summit, Seoul is expected to grow into a stage for global conferences. So, the city plans to ask the central government to swiftly revise laws, including the Tourism Promotion Act, to reinvigorate both tourism and convention industries,” the official said.