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  • A Stopover at Incheon International and a Five-Hour Tour of Seoul!

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    When my kumare Maria, who lives in London, sent me a message that she was stopping over for a few hours at the Incheon International Airport on her way back to England from the Philippines, I already knew I could get to tour her around Seoul if she had enough time. After we studied her time of arrival at the airport, the length of time it would take her to get to Seoul using the airport limousine bus and most important, the time she needed to be back at the airport for her flight out, we realized she had five hours to spare!

    Five hours? That is actually enough for a city tour! And more! I immediately came up with an express tour in my head. I told her I knew Seoul very well, and getting around the city using only the public transport would be a breeze with nary a scare of even getting lost. When I told her I was better than any professional tour guide in the city, she knew I wasnt bluffing. Ha-ha-ha!

    So, on a cool, spring Saturday morning in Itaewon, I waited for her Airport Limousine Bus Number 6030, which was the bus number I told her to take. Yes, of all places in Seoul, Marias tour starts in Itaewon. Why? Because I live in the neighborboring Hannam-dong, which is less than ten minutes by bus from Itaewon. Plus, Itaewon is in every tourists itinerary considering this place is a hot spot for shopping, dining and clubbing. But when she arrived at about 7:30AM, Maria saw a sleepy Itaewon with its shops and restaurants still closed. Aside from me, a sleeping, drunk ajussi was at the bus stop to welcome her, too. Ha-ha-ha!

    Blog continued here: http://apinoyinkorea.blogspot.kr/2013/06/marias-five-hour-stopover-in-seoul.html