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  • A New Taengniji, a 2,880-Hour Voyage of Exploration of Life in Seoul (Guide to Choosing Desirable Places to Settle)

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    • Exhibition period: September 5–13, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
      * The exhibition will open late at 4.00pm on September 5 due to the holding of an opening ceremony.
    • Venue: Citizens’ Hall, Event Hall (B2)
      * Please use public transportation as the number of parking spaces is limited.
    • For inquiries, please call or visit:
      – Citizens’ Hall (+82-2-739-5811)
      – Daum Café http://cafe.daum.net/tjdnftitlsxorflwltkd
      – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/socialtaegliji

    This exhibition concerns the people, places, and everyday life explored by 64 young surveyors over a total of about 2,880 hours in 18 weeks in 15 villages, including Insu-dong and Jeongneung-dong.

    The Joseon geography book Taengniji, written by Lee Jung-hwan (1690 – 1756), focused on the conditions that make somewhere a desirable place to live, but this new Taengniji marks an attempt to rediscover the history of the villages by exploring every nook and cranny of the villages concerned.

    The young surveyors’ work involved interviews with senior citizens doing part-time jobs in a sock factory and migrant workers among others, and explorations of the following sites and their inhabitants: conventional markets turned into slums, markets where the community culture has disappeared, houses in slopes, neighborhood supermarkets, neighborhoods composed of people forced out of their homes due to urban development, problems of urban redevelopment, communities, and villages where households with the same family name live together. Some places still maintain the form they had in the colonial period.

    As an ancillary event, they will distribute kkwabaegi (twisted donut), a local specialty of Doksan-dong, to people at 2:00 PM on September 7 and 8.

    At the Seoul Taengniji Forum held at 2:00 PM on September 7, they will have a discussion session about their Youth Job Hub program in Bulgwang-dong. They also plan to publish a book containing the life stories of villagers from some of the villages they explored, in November.