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  • A Must-See Attraction in the Seoul Train Station

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    For the first time in Korea, the Media Bus Shelters in the Seoul Train Station have won the ‘Gold Winner’ prize of the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

    Have you ever waited for a bus in the Seoul Train Station at night? The Seoul Train Station is a hub of public transportation where subway trains, the KTX (Korea Train Express), taxis and buses gather. The place is always crowded with people waiting for buses. The one thing that catches people’s eyes there is Seoul’s Media Bus Shelter.
    The LED panels of the Media Bus Shelter display local time and weather. There is also a flickering message on the walls saying, “Welcome to Seoul.” The Media Bus Shelter is definitely drawing people’s attention. Some are even taking photos of it with their cell phone cameras.

    For the first time in Korea, the cutting-edge bus stations in the Seoul Train Station Bus Transfer Center have won the top prize, ‘Gold Winner’, in the environment category of the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Seoul’s “Media Bus Shelter” has also won other top design awards, including the iF Design Award of Germany and a Red Dot Award. The Media Bus Shelter has contributed greatly to promoting Seoul around the world by winning the ‘grand slam’ of international design awards.

    Drawing attention as a public space which successfully combines cutting-edge media with cultural arts

    Sponsored by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America, the International Design Excellence Awards are considered the Academy Awards of design. Every year, designers and corporations submit entries into the competition in 9 categories; consumer products, furniture, packaging & graphics, interactive product experiences, environment, etc. The judging criteria of the competition include the following:

    It is said that the Media Bus Shelter is a great example of creating a vibrant, interactive and safe public environment in bus stations.
    The Media Bus Shelter is made up of 12 bus shelters whose walls and ceilings are equipped with LED panels providing news, weather and bus information in real time. The platforms, safety fences, street lamps and route maps of the bus shelters have been created through the talent donation of Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

    At the awards ceremony on August 7, Kwon Young-Gull, the chairman of the Seoul Design Foundation, received the prize on behalf of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. He said that the award is very meaningful, in that Seoul city’s efforts to transform itself from a hard city to a soft city have been recognized. The metropolitan government will spare no effort to have Seoul become a city of design where its citizens can enjoy more convenience in their daily lives.