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  • A must for sightseeing in Seoul! The upgraded “Discover Seoul Pass”

  • SMG 1590

    A must for sightseeing in Seoul! The upgraded Discover Seoul Pass

    Upgraded edition of “Discover Seoul Pass” exclusively for foreigners, Discount benefits increased, Transportation convenience improved, Mobile pass

    Improved transportation convenience and functions in addition to usage as a T-money card

    Includes a one-way Airport Railroad Express Train (AREX) ticket between the airport and Seoul Station, Includes a one-day Seoul City Tour Bus ticket, Includes a 24-hour Seoul Bike “Ttareungyi” voucher

    Facilities for free or discounted admission increased from 32 to 66

    Tourist sites for free admission : Increased from 21 to 36, Affiliated tourist facilities for discount benefits : Increased from 11 to 30

    “Mobile Pass” for purchase and use anytime, anywhere

    Online/offline ticket counters increased from 37 to 50 24-hour pass/48-hour + 72 hour pass

    With Discover Seoul Pass, enjoy the history, culture and attractions of Seoul at a reasonable price