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  • A multi-culture village community in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

  • SMG 5035


    -Part of 13 such communities to be formed in Seoul

    A multi-culture village community will be formed in Yeongdeungpo-gu as part of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan for the formation of 13 such communities in Seoul, such as one in Daerim 2-dong where about 7,700 Chinese live, including Korean-Chinese, making up about half of the residents.

    The plan includes the operation of sarangbang (lounge) for migrant people in Daerim 2-dong considering the high concentration of Chinese and provision of support for the formation of such communities in 12 other areas.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government said on May 6 that it would push through with a project for the invigoration of multi-culture village communities as part of efforts to maintain friendly relations between locals and migrants.
    As of 2012, about 400,000 migrants or 4% of the total number of people in Seoul live in Daerim-dong, Garibong-dong, and Gwanghui-dong. Their number has been on the rise for the past three years. At the current rate, the number will increase to 10% of the Seoul population by 2030.

    Some areas in Seoul have become a favorite destination among visitors due to the high concentration of migrants. In contrast, some areas have problems due to conflict between the locals and migrants. Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan for multi-culture village communities is part of efforts to solve the problems. In 2013, Daerim 2-dong will be set as a test site for such plan and, if the result is positive, the sites will be expanded in the course of improvements.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking for places suitable for the installation for migrant people of sarangbang (lounge) that is easily accessible to both locals and migrants. As for the other multi-culture village communities, a group of three people or more residing in nearby places may apply for participation.

    Those interested in the program for the invigoration of multi-culture village communities which is designed to address conflict and build friendly relations between locals and migrants may apply for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s support. The recommended activities include: ▴PR and campaign activities aimed at easing conflict between locals and migrants; ▴ meetings intended to build friendly relations between locals and migrants; activities that may contribute to the development of local areas; ▴ cultural exchanges or village festivities designed to improve conditions caused by prejudices between locals and migrants; ▴ activities aimed at providing information and support for those trying to settle in the local community, and; ▴ activities designed to find solutions to problems plaguing both locals and migrants.

    Those excluded from Seoul Metropolitan Government’s support are programs already receiving support from government institutions or programs designed for specific political parties or candidates or propagation of a specific religion.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide activity support subsidy of up to 5 million won and experts’ consultation to the 12 communities that are finally selected through on-site surveys and inspections. Those interested should submit an application to the Seoul Village Community Support Center through its Homepage (www.seoulmaeul.org) no later than 6:00 PM on May 14.
    For more details of the program, contact the Seoul Village Community Support Center by phone (+82-2-385-2642) or online. Employees of the Center will visit them in person to provide explanation within three days.

    Notice of Receiving Applications for the Project for the Invigoration of Multi-culture Village Communities

    Purpose of the project
    – Addressing conflicts between locals and migrants in areas in Seoul where migrants are concentrated and building friendly relations between them

    Qualification for application
    – A group of three people or more who reside or work in places near Seoul
    ※ Those residing outside Seoul may take part as a member rather than as representative proposer.
    No restriction on gender or age; lineal relatives to be counted as one person

    Project period: June ~ December 2013
    Number of cases of support and support amount (※ To be decided by the Screening Committee)

    • Number of cases of support: 12
    • To be finalized by the end of June; if the number is less than 12, the relevant public notice will be served again for re-selection
    • Support amount: 60 million won in all (about 5 million won for each group)
    • Applicants should shoulder at least 10% of the total expected project expense.
    • Support amount to be used for the following:
    • Project implemented to address conflict and build friendly relations and cover labor expenses
    • Excluding operating expense (office lease and labor expense for administrative staff) or facility maintenance

    Documents to be submitted

    • Project proposal (Form 1)
    • Introduction of the proposer (Form 2)
    • Project plan (Form 3)
    • Forms to be downloaded from the Homepage (www.seoulmaeul.org)

    Deadline for submission

    • Between April 30, 2013 and May 14, 2013, 9:00 AM~6:00 PM
    • Please submit through the Homepage (www.seoulmaeul.org).
    • For inquiries, please call +82-2-385-2642.