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  • A little bit of Korea in Italy

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    As you might have read, my sister and I took a very nice vacation around Italy on November 12, and on my 1st day in Rome I discovered a Korean Restaurant!

    Just 1 block away from the famous Termini youll find a small Korean restaurant, from that moment on I craved Korean food O_o, soon my good friend Foursquare told me there were other Korean Stores nearby, little did I know I was staying a few blocks away from Korea Town in Rome, is that destiny or what?, of course I wanted to go and find those stores but discovering Rome was top priority, good thing Rome is a small city and I found them by accident :, theres a Korean convenience store close to the Santa Maria Magiore Church, its actually on the back street of the Church, the name is Via Cavour close to Via Liberiana, Youll find a Korean Travel agency that offers mostly Flights to Asia and a Korean Market, obviously I was very excited and decided to buy some snacks for later… kkkk