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  • A Good Idea Enables Seoul Metropolitan Government to Reduce Its Energy Budget by KRW 5.8 Billion after 4 Years of Effort

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    Until now, Seoul Metropolitan Government has consumed LNG worth KRW 8 billion each year as a fuel to boost the activity of SCR catalyst systems designed to remove nitrogen oxides from four resource recovery facilities. However, by replacing LNG with incineration steam using waste heat, Seoul City will be able to save around KRW 5.8 billion of its annual energy budget.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the commencement of operation of the new system with the completion of the 4-year project for improving SCR catalyst system fuel designed to remove nitrogen oxides from ten incinerators at four resource recovery facilities in Seoul.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government’s resource recovery facility team put an idea derived from its training program in Germany into practice, finally bearing fruit after four years of concerted efforts.

    Starting in September 2013, ten resource recovery facilities in Seoul equipped with SCR catalyst systems began operating, thus saving annual fuel costs of around KRW 5.8 billion. The new systems are expected to reduce the city’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 17,600 tCO2.

    By installing the improved systems, the city’s annual fuel cost of KRW 8 billion will be reduced by KRW 5.8 billion to KRW 2.2 billion, which is also equivalent to a reduction of 8,344 TOE of petroleum.

    In addition, with the reduction of LNG consumption, annual GHG emissions can be reduced by 17,600tCO2. Furthermore, the city’s consumption of 8 million N㎥ of LNG can be reduced annually by improving the SCR catalyst systems, which is equivalent to one year’s fuel consumption by 10,400 households in Seoul.