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  • A first-time Visitors’ Course Near Hongdae

  • SMG 3691


    Not quite sure what to do, but would like to have a good experience in the Hongdae (Hongik University) neighborhood? We recommend the following courses:

    There are five tourist courses available: one for backpack travelers; one for English-speaking people; one for Chinese; one for Japanese, and; one for Koreans.

    The programs show you unique-looking cafes, spaces for culture lovers, indie band performance places, and back alleys showing the locals’ daily lives. In addition to the courses provided by the programs, you may choose how to spend your time. You can get a guide leaflet at the Mapo Tourism Center or Hongdae Tourist Information Center. To get to either of the information centers, please take the Airport Railroad at Incheon International Airport and get off at Hongik Univ. Station. You may also download information from the following homepage: http://culture.mapo.go.kr


    ★ Backpack Travelers’ Course
    – A course for those traveling on a limited budget
    – Time taken: 7 hours
    – Hongdae Tourist Information Center → Dabokgil shopping street → Pollala Collection Shop → Gallery Loop → Korean restaurant Rodem Tree → Sangsangmadang → Mural Street → Pet Dog Café Sangsang Dabang → Salon Badabi → JJ Guest House

    ★ The Course for English-speaking People
    – A course for lovers of indie culture and shopping
    – Time taken: 6 hours and half
    – Hongdae Information Center → Hongdae Nanta Theater → Gallery Zandari → Korean restaurant Namul-meongneun-gom (Herbivorous Bear) → Café Didida → Café Sangsudong Blues → Back alley in Sangsu-dong → Pet Dog Café Sangsang Dabang → Salon Badabi → JJ Guest House

    ★ The Course for Chinese
    – A course for enjoying exhibitions and shopping at reasonable prices
    – Time taken: 4 hours and half
    – Gallery Zandari → Seogyo Art Experimental Center → Lomography Gallery Store → Bar 1 Gram → Brunch café Honey Bowl → Café C Cloud → Guest house Four Season House

    ★ The Course for Japanese
    – A course for enjoying Koreans’ performance and Korean fusion food
    – Time taken: 5 hours
    – Gallery Aura → Hongdae Nanta Theater → Korean restaurant Namul-meongneun-gom (Herbivorous Bear) → Café Jebidabang → Guest House Lesol

    ★ The Course for Koreans
    – A course for enjoying diverse art works
    – Time taken: 4 hours
    – KEY (a store for artworks made for household articles) → Pollala Collection Shop → Café Zibe → Korean restaurant Yoon’s Milbang → Café Didida → Guest House May