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  • A Chance to Learn Korean

  • SMG 3325

    The Seoul Global Center had been received applications from those interested in learning Korean on a first-come-first-served basis, starting from 10:00 AM on August 24th to 25th

    Summary of the Lecture on Korean

    • Eligibility: Any non-Korean residing in Seoul
    • Lecture schedule: A weekly class (90 minutes)
      1) 10:00 AM~11:30 AM
      2) 12:30~2:00 PM
      – No tuition fee paid, but attendees should pay for the textbooks
      – Three levels: Basic, Beginning, and Intermediate Level (20 per class)

    * Level test to be given at the time of application / Those eligible for the next opportunity to learn Korean to be selected on a first-come-first-served basis

    This is the fourth event held since 2008. In the past, enrollment ended on the first day of application. Enrollees from different countries can learn the Korean language and culture and have an opportunity to understand each other’s culture. During a session held in the first half of this year, a total of 120 people from 28 countries attended. An opportunity for a hands-on experience of Korean culture is also provided.

    For inquiries, please call: Women & Family Policy Affairs Office Multiculturalism Division (☎+82-2-2075-4107) or Seoul Global Center (☎+82-2-2075-4148)

    Another Session for Learning Korean

    • Lecture schedule: Every Sunday (after September 1)
    • Place: Hansug Edu Center, Hansung University (Myeongnyun 2-ga, Jongno-gu)
    • Available levels: Basic and Beginning Level(2 classes)
    • Hour/Place of application: 10:00 AM through noon on August 25 at Hansug Edu Center, Hansung University

    2013 weekend Learn-Korean class schedule

    LevelHoursLevel detailsPlace of education
    Low BasicSat.10:00 AM~11:30 AMThose who have never learned KoreaSeoul Global Center
    High BasicSat.10:00 AM~11:30 AMThose who can read and write Korean
    Higher BeginningSat.12:30 PM~2:00 PMThose who can say numbers, hours and dates
    Highest BeginningSun.12:30 PM~2:00 PMThose who can express different tenses of verbs.
    Low IntermediateSat.10:00 AM~11:30 AMThose who can use negative, interrogative sentences
    High IntermediateSun.12:30 PM~2:00 PMWith a focus on dialogue (discussion) and pronunciation
    Basic -I Sun.10:00 AM~11:30 AMThose who have never learned Korea Hansung Edu Center, Hansung University
    Beginning -II Sun.10:00 AM~11:30 AMThose who can express different tenses of verbs