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  • 88 students from 28 countries to help Seoul become an agreeable global city

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    The SISF (Seoul International Student Forum) embarked on its 5th annual program on Friday, June 22, 2012. The purpose of this year’s forum, which is composed of 100 students (88 international students from 28 countries and 12 Korean students) who are studying in Seoul, is to make Seoul a more agreeable city for foreigners.

    The forum held its general conference in the Grand Conference Hall of Seoul, located on the 13th floor of the Seoul City Hall Annex, at 14:00 on June 22, followed by a two-day workshop in the Seoul Human Resources Development Center in Seocho-dong, before stating their full two-month program.

    During the two months, the students will visit a number of agencies and offices in Seoul and receive opportunities to experience Korean culture, as well as engaging in volunteer service activities of their choice. Their main mission is to propose ways of improving the administration of Seoul with the ultimate goal of making Seoul a more agreeable global city.

    The 88 international students are drawn from 26 colleges and universities in Seoul, with the 26 Chinese students forming the largest group. The twelve local students will help their foreign counterparts with the various team efforts and activities.

    The 100 students (comprising 52 female and 48 male students) will be divided into six teams, each consisting of 16~17 students, and will engage in intensive activities during their summer vacations (June 22 to August 24) with the aim of figuring out ways of improving foreigners’ living conditions in Seoul, in addition to conducting their own volunteer activities at various charity institutions in Seoul.

    A few outstanding participants will be given a chance to work as interns in the “Global Internship” program of City Hall in 2013, which the city hopes will act as an incentive for the students to participate even more actively in the summer vacation program.

    Upon concluding the program on Friday, August 24, Mayor Park will play host to the 2nd 2012 Seoul Town Meeting as one of his ‘Listen & Respond Policy Workshops’ with the students. During this town-meeting-type encounter, the participants will discuss the difficulties and inconveniences facing foreign students studying and living in Seoul, as well as the policy proposals derived from their sincere efforts over two months to make Seoul a better place to live in for foreign residents, too.