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  • 8 out of 10 Seoul citizens consider Seoul as their hometown

  • Press Releases SMG 711
    • – 2018 Seoul Survey was released by the Seoul Metropolitan Government on July 3
    • – Eight out of 10 citizens consider Seoul as their hometown
    • – 54.7% of households are one-person or two-person household
    • – The subjective happiness citizens feel is 6.96 points, and self-esteem is 6.9 out of 10

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 12, 2018 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced, July 3, the results of the 2018 Seoul Survey that shows what the citizens feel about the capital’s quality of life, housing, economy, culture, environment, transportation, education and welfare.

    For the survey, door-to-door interviews were conducted for 20,000 households (42,687 people aged 15 and over) and 2,500 foreigners residing in Seoul for a month of September, 2017.

    As of 2017, the average age of households in Seoul is 51.5 years, up by 3 years from 48.5 years in 2016. The number of people in a household is decreased to 2.45 from 2.76 in 2007.

    Five out of ten households in Seoul are small households (54.7% of one- or two-person households). In particular, one-person households account for 30.1%. Those who own a house account for 42.1%, those who pay a monthly rental fee is 31.2%, and those who rent a house on the jeonse or the key money deposit is 26.2%.

    One out of every five households has a pet or pets, a 2.7% points increase from 2013. By age group, 23.6% of householders are in their 50s. 73.6% of the citizens agree that mandatory education is necessary to raise the companion animals.

    The satisfaction of residential environment is 6.19 points out of 10 points, which is relatively higher than other sectors (social environment 5.75, educational environment 5.45, and economic environment 5.35).

    The satisfaction with childcare facilities is 7.07 points in 2017, keeping around 7 points since 2014.

    Seoul residents’ satisfaction with walking environment is 6.17 in the residential area, 5.99 in the urban area, and 5.68 in the nighttime walking.

    The subjective happiness Seoul citizens feel is 6.96 points, and self-esteem is 6.90 out of 10, with teenage self-esteem standing at the highest at 7-point scale. 59.5% of the residents answer they want to live in Seoul even in ten years.