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  • 72nd Anniversary, “Dreaming of a Greater Independence”

  • SMG 3375

    A large banner containing the phrase ‘Dreaming of a Greater Independence’ on a backdrop of a sky blue water-color painting of the Korean Peninsula will be hung at the Dream Board at Seoul Square from August 13 until the end of the month in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Korean independence.

    72nd Anniversary, Dreaming of a Greater Independence
    <Dream Board at Seoul Square to Celebrate Independence Day – “Dreaming of a Greater Independence”>

    ‘Greater Independence’ refers to a greater independence enjoyed in a unified Korea rather than independence enjoyed separately in the South and North while the peninsula remains divided.

    Each year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) holds an event that allows people to reflect upon the meaning of independence. This year’s event contained the desire to achieve unification in this generation along with many citizens who remember the ‘candlelight spirit,’ demonstrated through many street demonstrations.

    This year’s Dream Board was designed out of the intention to dream and hope for a greater ‘independence’ of unifying the Korean Peninsula rather than becoming complacent of the current status.