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  • 700+ Design Products on Online DDP Design Store

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    DDP Design Store now features more than 700 design products for sale online—from unique works by up-and-coming designers to premium products by Korea’s leading craft artists and special products created through collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

    Seoul Design Foundation launched the online website for DDP Design Store (www.ddpdesignstore.org) as a platform for visitors to purchase design products that had been available for purchase only in person at DDP.

    The goal is to increase the marketing routes for excellent design products of competent designers by expanding the role of DDP Design Store as a public distribution business platform. DDP Design Store supports small-scale design firms and individual designers by keeping the sales commission rate for partnering businesses at 20%, the lowest in the industry. Partnering businesses can not only sell products at a low commission rate, but also publicize their brands at DDP Design Store.

    Seoul Design Foundation plans to develop DDP Design Store as a design platform with a story, rather than a simple shopping platform, in order to suggest the contemporary design content and trends through the platform. DDP Design Store offers a collection of products comprising of premium items created with Korea’s traditional craft techniques, design works created through collaboration with internationally renowned designers, and differentiated items available only at DDP Design Store. Other products, such as home décor, stationery, office supplies, kitchen supplies, furniture, fashion and miscellaneous items, can also be purchased from the respective categories. In addition, “D-Magazine” in the online store introduces the stories of making and behind-the-scene stories of the project exhibitions and participating designers as well as design products by theme.

    The online DDP Design Store plans to expand its role as a global public distribution business platform by providing information about design products in English and Chinese. It has also set a goal to provide a foundation for excellent design companies going through hard times during the pandemic to develop their marketing routes abroad. In addition, new products will be continuously discovered and introduced through quarterly reviews, and DDP brand products, which are being developed together with talented young designers, will be available for purchase within the year.

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