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  • 7 Experts to Donate Their Talents for Making Healthier Seoul

  • Integrated News SMG 2246

    Famous people representing Seoul and Korea have stepped up to the plate to promote the practice of energy saving and production.

    So called “Donating Talents”, it is a new type of donating where an individual talent is not only used for individual profit or enhancement but used for the benefit of the society. Its ultimate purpose, through the donation of the talents, is to induce the practice of energy saving and production.

    Professor Emeritus Yun Ho-seop of Kookmin University, regarded as the First Green Designer-Activist will donate his “Sunshine Angel Dongeuri ^^”. The BI open competition awardees and experts will develop the BI that embodies the 10 business characteristics through a mentoring program.

    In addition, five artists have donated their hand-held fan designs for the lodgment of a healthy room temperature (air-conditioned temperature setting of above 26℃). Five athletes – Jang Sin-gwon (marathon), Kim Ji-hun (male, gymnastics), Lee Min-hye (female, cycling), Heo Min-ho (Triathlon), all of whom competed for our nation at the London Olympic Games, and Lee Sang-hwa (speed skating) will participate in a photo shoot using the fan designed to represent Korea, all for the “Energy Saving Campaign”.