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  • 6-Day Trip of World’s Delicacies, “Taste of Seoul” is On

  • Press Releases SMG 981
    • “Taste of Seoul 2021” will be on for six days from Friday, October 29 to Wednesday, November 3.
    • The second edition of “Seoul Restaurants & Bars 100,” a guide to eateries in Seoul that taste experts recommend, is published
    • Under the theme of gastronomy, Seoul prepared many programs, including music, film, talk concerts, cooking classes, and food market

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 27, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization are holding “Taste of Seoul 2021,” a six-day food festival from Friday, October 29 to Wednesday, November 3. They are hosting this event to promote the city’s unique food culture. The theme of this year is “six-day world culinary tour in Seoul.” In addition, the SMG will introduce Seoul’s original food culture through diverse programs regarding music, film, and travel.

    This year’s festival is composed of “Seoul Restaurant Week,” which suggests the top 100 restaurants and bars in the city, and “Seoul Culinary Tour Week,” where people can enjoy different events, such as food market and talk concerts (post-screening talks).

    【Seoul Restaurant Week】

    “Seoul Restaurant Week” discovers 100 restaurants and bars in Seoul based on taste experts’ recommendations and presents excellent dining places in Seoul through its culinary guide.

    The second edition of “Seoul Restaurants & Bars 100,” published after the first edition of last year, is a collection of the city’s representative eateries in various themes: Korean, Western, Asian, grill dining, plant-based, bar & pub, desert & café. The guide is available on its website (tasteofseoul.visitseoul.net) in both Korean and English.

    Two hundred people who leave reviews on Google or Tripadvisor after visiting one of the selected restaurants and bars will receive Seoul culinary guide and a limited-edition apron. In addition, vouchers for five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants will be given to the best reviewers selected through lucky draws.

    【Seoul Culinary Tour Week】

    “Seoul Culinary Tour Week” offers hands-on experience of a fantastic collaboration between numerous fields—music, movie, and travel—and gastronomy.

    Taste of Seoul Online Tour (Oct. 29): Taste of Seoul Online Tour, which will be held on the outdoor stage of Oil Tank Culture Park, invites citizens to share stories about travel and food under the theme of “world culinary tour in Seoul.” The event will be live-streamed on Visit Seoul’s Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/visitseoul) as well.

    Seoul Glocal Food Market with Marche (Oct. 30 to 31): Seoul Glocal Food Market with Marche is a program introducing the world’s healthy and sustainable food using local ingredients to have people “taste the world in Seoul.” The event will take place at KOTE in Insadong.

    Seoul Bustaurant (Nov. 1): Seoul Bustaurant is a program through which people can tour around Seoul’s popular tourist attractions and enjoy the taste of the city. Participants will ride Seoul City Tour Bus and take a night trip to the Gangnam area with Global Seoul Mate, foreign YouTubers, and local taste experts.

    Seoulicious Cine Flavor (Nov. 2 to 3): At Myeong-dong CGV, screening of culinary films and postscreening talk concerts will be held. “The Trip to Greece,” a movie about a gastronomic adventure in Greece, will be screened on November 2. On November 3, “The Wandering Chef” will be on screen with English subtitles for the foreign audience. The movie is about sharing “Jeong (deepseated affection)” through dishes prepared with local ingredients.

    Online Cooking Class with Buddhist Nun Jeong Kwan (Nov. 3): Korean female Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan, who was featured on the Netflix series “Chef’s Table 3” and introduced Korean food to the world, is holding an online cooking class with Peter Nam Bint in London.

    “Seoul has its unique charm and style as the past and present, as well as nature and technology, coexist in this city,” said Choi Kyung-Ju, Director General of Tourism & Sports Bureau. “Taste of Seoul, the one and only culinary festival of Seoul, will be an occasion for us to publicize our oneof-a-kind food culture and thereby promote Seoul as one of the global cities of gastronomy.

    Taste of Seoul 2021 at a Glance / Let’s look at the result of the 100 must-visit restaurants and bars in Seoul recommended by gourmet curators and experts at a glance./ How the voting works / 15 Gourmet curators, 80 Natives, 20 Foreigners, 7 Categories, 21 Restaurants & bars selected by each curator / Our Curator / 54% Restaurant & bar experts, 13% Well-traveled gourmets, 13% Academics, 20% Relative journalists / Voting rules / The best three businesses by each category where the curators paid a visit in the past 2 years considering their 'glocalism,' 'expertise,' and 'public interest' were selected. / Higher points were given by the priority of recommendation./ The recommended restaurants must have a 'chef' and bars must have a 'bartender (or servers with a role equivalent to a bartender)'./ Businesses where the curators work or have personal interest were excluded.
    Proportion by cuisine / Half of the total 100 places were selected as new businesses different from last year's (2020). The selected 100 businesses were categorized into Korean (23), Asian (17), Western (25), Grill (6), Plant-based (7), Cafe & Dessert (11), and Bar & Pub (11). / New places 50%, Existing places 50% / Proportion of sub-genres of Korean cuisine - Korean cutsine is a genre with interesting sub-categorization between traditional and modern styles. Among the selected 23 restaurants, Korean cuisine took up 39% (9), followed by modem Korean restaurants at 39% (9) and traditional Korean restaurants at 22% (5). / Proportion of sub-genres of Asian cuisine - Among the selected 17 Asian restaurants, Japanese and Chinese restaurants took up 41% (7) of the survey result respectively, which are the highest proportion. Next came Thai at 12% (2), followed by modern Vietnamese at 6% (1), showing great diversity. / Proportion of sub-genres of Western cuisine - Among the 25 western food restaurants, French restaurants took up 52% (13 establishments). Next came Italian at 32% (8), followed by Innovative at 12% (3), and Spanish at 4% (1). / Proportion of sub-genres of Cafe & Dessert - Among the 11 cafe & dessert businesses, Korean desserts took up 27% (3), followed by Western dessert at 27% (3), bakery at 27% (3), cafe at 9.5% (1) and chocolate at 9.5% (1). / Proportion of sub-genres of Bar & Pub - Among the 11 bars and pubs,cocktail bars and wine bars took up the same proportion, accountion for 45.5% (5), respectively, while traditional bars took up 9% (1).