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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • 54. The old Yongsan Railroad Hospital, an Old Japanese Military Logistics Facility

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 3494


    Following Japan’s victory in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Japanese imperialists concretized their plan to annex Joseon. During the war, the Japanese military started taking steps to turn Yongsan into a railroad base. As many workers were injured, temporary clinics were installed at the worksites. Yongsan Station was completed in 1906. In 1913, Yongsan Dongin Hospital, which was opened through the refurbishment of the official residences of the railroad employees, was renamed Yongsan Railroad Hospital. The current Yongsan Railroad Hospital was built in 1929. The two-story building made of bricks and concrete is said to exhibit the features of the transition period from the western classical style to the modern style, displaying a moderate curve.

    With the cancellation of the Yongsan Development Project, which would have been the largest construction project ever attempted in the country’s history, with an estimated project expense of 30 trillion won, KORAIL proposed a plan to sell its real estate, including Yongsan Railroad Hospital, in January 2014.