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  • 50-Year-Old Watercourse Restored for Citizens to Visit Nodeulseom Island via ferry Starting in March

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    Starting in March 2021, you can ride a ferry to visit Nodeulseom Island. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that the watercourse to Nodeulseom Island will be restored for the first time in about 50 years. The island was beloved by people as a vacation spot for more than 100 years and the watercourse was disconnected when the sandy beach of the island disappeared when Gangbyeonbuk-ro was constructed.

    Starting on Sat, Mar. 6, 2021, the SMG will operate a ferry to Nodeulseom Island once a day. It is a course that departs from Yeouido at 7:30 PM (Wed.-Sun.), goes around Banpodaegyo Bridge, arrives at Nodeulseom Island to stop for about 15 minutes, and returns to Yeouido.

    SMG made Nodeulseom Island a cultural complex with nature, music, books, and relaxation in 2019 in order to give it back to citizens. In addition, at the beginning of 2021, the SMG transformed the abandoned wharf into “Moonlight Nodeul,” a cultural space on the water with an observatory deck, space for relaxatopm, and a small stage, and pursued the operation of the ferry. The SMG expects that the full transformation of the space and enhancement of its accessibility will make Nodeulseom Island, which was abandoned for a long time, into a space where citizens can enjoy themselves and unwind anytime.

    In particular, the wharf of Nodeulseom Island, which turned into a work of art through Seoul’s public art project “Seoul is an Art Museum,” became a water gateway of Nodeulseom Island that welcomes citizens with ships coming and going, along with the giant artificial moon “Moonlight Nodeul.”

    “Moonlight Nodeul” is a public work of art made in the shape of a full moon with a diameter of 12 meters. Its 45,000 holes allow visitors to enjoy the rays of light and wind together with the flow of the river. When you stand on the observatory deck, you can take a glimpse of a stunning view of the flowing river, green Hangang Railway, and 63 Building. At sunset, the scenery reaches its peak.

    At night, the light emitted from the holes of “Moonlight Nodeul” forms the ring around the moon. The “Moonlight Nodeul” shining on the surface of water shows the “conjunction of sun and moon, new moon, young moon, waning moon, and old moon” for 5 minutes once every 30 minutes, spiritedly showing the flow of time in the desolate urban landscape. This will be a nightscape that will arouse a new hope and artistic sensitivity among citizens whose daily life has been stopped and who need consolation.

    The SMG held a ship welcome ceremony on the evening of Tue, Feb. 23 to welcome the first ferry that arrived at Nodeulseom Island before the operation of the ferry began in full swing. At the same time, the “Moonlight Nodeul,” which has been displayed to citizens since January, will be officially opened.

    There will be an event to float 120 wish lamps with the wishes of citizens on Hangang River as well. The wish lamps can be seen until Mon, Mar. 1. More than 380 wishes were registered last month and most of them were related to COVID-19.

    The ferry is the “music ferry” of Eland Cruise. It will depart at 7:30 PM from the first wharf of Yeouido (280, Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul), go around the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain around Banpodaegyo Bridge, and arrive the wharf of Nodeulseom Island (445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul) at about 8:10 PM.

    You can both board or get off the ship at Nodeulseom Island. You may get off the ship and enjoy the nightscape of the Hangang River or go back to Yeouido on the ship. From Nodeulseom Island to the wharf of Yeouido, it takes about 10 minutes. For more information about boarding and making a reservation, contact Eland Cruise at +82-2-6291-6900 (www.elandcruise.com).