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  • 50 Beautiful Places To Visit In Korea

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    Some 25 million South Koreans — about half the population — travel abroad at least once a year, but it’s safe to assume that most havent seen all the beautiful sights within the country.

    Seoul only takes up a mere 0.6 percent of South Koreas territory: here are 50 stunning photographs from the other 99.4 percent of the country that are all worth a visit.

    Here are the flowery spring landscapes, sandy beaches, rocky mountains and quietly stunning historic sites on your new Korean travel bucket list. And just in case you were wondering, they are in no particular order. Feel free to add some suggestions and your comment as well, Thank you!

    1. Seongsan Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉
    2. Ggotji Beach 꽃지 해수욕장
    3. Darangee Village 경상남도 남해 가천 다랭이마을
    4. Gwang-An Bridge 부산 광안대교
    5. Kyeong-Wha Station, Jinhae 진해 경화역
    6. Upo Marsh 우포늪
    7. Jeungdo Salt Farm 전남 신안 증도 염전
    8. Gongryong Ridge, Seorak Mountain 설악산 신선대 공룡능선
    9. Uleung Island Seaside Road 울릉도 해안도로
    10. Seopjikoji, Jeju Island 제주도 섭지코지