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  • 5 Coffee Shops that you must have to visit in Seoul

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    When walking by Korea is easy to see how the coffees are appreciated in the country, and to make space in this large market, innovate cafes, bringing from themed locations to places for coffee interacting with cats or dogs. Seeing this variety, Matt Perger, head of a renowned coffee in Melbourne, Australia, went to Seoul and elected the 5 best coffees. BrazilKorea the one for most populars websites in portuguese about korean culture make a few observations and give to you all the adresses to enjoy the best coffee in Seoul. Coffee Libre Internationally known for the quality, his blue wrestling mask logo is already Korean coffee reference. With its own roasting and a different style (the place was a former heebal pharmacy) its a must to visit in Seoul. More information: http://www.coffeelibre.kr (Korean) Fritz Coffee Co Located in a multi-storey home, Fritz has eclectic furnishings, cozy atmosphere and quality cakes made on the basement. With a strong team of professionals known Korean coffee, this is probably the best coffee you drink in Seoul. Facebook: www.facebook.com/fritzcoffeecompany (Korean) Coffee Graffiti On the walls are exposed several bottles and jars, the owner its the current barista champion of Korea, Lee Jonghoo. Facebook: www.facebook.com/CoffeeGraffiti (Korean) Coffee LEC (Limited Edition Coffee) The great advantage here is the exclusivity of their drinks. It annually reviews its menu to keep the originality of the coffees. 5 Extracts Located where was a private residence, with many details in wood. The focus of the 5 Extracts it’s the five elements to get coffee quality: body, aroma, sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/5Extracts/422508227875966?fref=photo (Korean) From the Brazilian website www.brazilkorea.com.br (Portuguese)