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  • The 4th Seoul International Energy Conference

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    The 4th Seoul International Energy Conference will take place at Seoul City Hall on November 1st, 2016. The world’s greatest scholars in the energy field from Korea and around the world will gather in one place. Under the theme of “New Age of Energy Prosumers – Energy Democracy and Citizenship,” Seoul will discuss methods to expand the roles of citizens, who are emerging as active main agents of energy production.

    Prosumers is a compound word of producer and consumer, referring to a new concept of consumers who not only consume energy but also produce and sell energy. They are emerging as new main agents in decision making involving energy policies.

    First, the conference will start with a keynote speech by Dr.John Byrne, Distinguished Professor of Delaware University, who will address the spread of renewables and the active roles of citizens in the new climate regime. Following the keynote, there will be a special session with Gregory H. Kats, President of Capital E and national clean energy advisory, to discuss actual solutions for energy efficiency and conservation to achieve urban sustainability.
    Session I will address the challenges of creating the energy prosumer cities and approaching methods for the expansion of the energy prosumer market in Korea and China. After Session I, the morning session will be concluded.

    The afternoon session will commence with the second keynote speech by Christine Lins, Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Policy Network of the 21st Century (REN21), titled “Global Renewable Energy Development and Outlook.” In Session II, a discussion will be held on technologies and business models in a new energy system, and in Session III, on methods to expand renewables at the community level.
    Lastly, in panel discussion, the panel will go over the achievements of “One Less Nuclear Power Plant,” Seoul’s major energy initiative, and have in-depth discussions about the expanded roles of citizens in the energy policy making and implementation processes.

    In particular, this year witnessed various energy related issues, from global issues such as the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, to domestic issues calling for changes in national energy policies such as climate change, heat wave, disputes over progressive electricity rates, and nuclear and thermal power generation. Therefore, this year’s conference is expected to suggest various ideas to address energy related issues here in Korea and around the world.

    This year’s Seoul International Energy Conference is free and open to the general public. To participate in the conference, visit the website (www.siec2016.co.kr) and enroll in advance.