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  • 4th Seoul Brand Forum

  • SMG 2694


    The 4th Seoul Brand Forum will take place on October 30, 2019 on the 8th floor of the Multipurpose Hall in Seoul City Hall. Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the city’s brand, “I‧SEOUL‧U,” the forum will become the perfect arena to search for ways of communication between the city brand and citizens from various perspectives through lectures by domestic experts under the theme, “Seoul, a City Beloved by the World.”

    The keynote speech will be followed by three sessions that include lectures delivered by experts. These sessions will include an academic presentation, special presentation, and talk concert, where participants will learn about in-depth city branding strategies and directions with the experts.

    Aside from the presentations, there will be a breakdance performance and participatory events for citizens that provide the participants with fun and leisure.

    Advance registration: https://www.onoffmix.com/event/196105).

    Seoul Brand Forum
    Seoul Brand Forum
    Time Main Events
    13:00-13:30 Participant registration
    13:30-13:45 Congratulatory speech
    Opening speech
    13:45-14:00 Keynote speech
    14:00-14:20 City Brand and City Color Policy
    14:20-14:40 Ways to Utilize Creators to Spread the City Brand of Seoul
    14:40-15:00 Significance of “Seoul Wave,” the City Brand of Seoul, as a Cultural Identity, and its Positioning

    Overseas Marketing Cases and Future Strategies of the City Brand of Seoul

    15:20-15:40 General discussion
    15:40-15:50 Coffee break
    15:50-16:05 Performance (a breakdancing group affiliated with Seoul)
    16:05-16:20 I‧SEOUL‧U, a Brand Created and Developed by Citizens

    Korean Table d’Hote: Differences between Korean Meals and Western Course Meal

    16:35-16:50 Images of Seoul on SNS
    16:50-17:50 From the Birth of the City Brand of Seoul to its Leap into the World
    17:50-18:00 Closing ceremony