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  • 4th Recruitment for Seoul Brand, “I·SEOUL·U Friends”

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    Seoul will be recruiting members for the 4th “I·SEOUL·U Friends” citizen-oriented publicity group from May 17-30. “I·SEOUL·U Friends” began operation in 2016 and selects members annually. The group is made and managed by citizens to construct a city brand image, and last year, a total of 15 teams and 149 members were selected for the group’s activities.

    The “I·SEOUL·U Friends” program conducts activities both online and offline to spread and promote the value, philosophy, and charms of the Seoul brand through the members’ autonomous planning. “I·SEOUL·U Friends” plans and makes content that combine Seoul’s main policies with tourist attractions in order to induce awareness and response surrounding the identity and value of the Seoul brand, which are “coexistence,” “passion,” and “leisure.” In order to increase citizens’ awareness of the Seoul brand, the members will plan and lead large-scale, citizen-participatory campaigns (events).

    Anyone with interest in the Seoul brand can apply to “I·SEOUL·U Friends,” and this year, the city will recruit members for the “I·SEOUL·U Friends Family” group to increase participation by family units, including students and regular citizens. “I·SEOUL·U Friends Family” will perform simple, everyday missions to promote the Seoul brand and members will support “I·SEOUL·U Friends” through voluntary participation in activities. Both teams and individuals can apply for “I·SEOUL·U Friends” and individuals will be grouped into teams or conduct independent activities, according to each individual’s qualities and areas of interest, with the support of Seoul city.

    A fixed activity cost will be provided for members, as well as publicity items necessary for activities. Those who produce excellent activity results will receive commendation from the Mayor of Seoul, as well as an activity certificate.

    The application for “I·SEOUL·U Friends/Family” can be downloaded on the Seoul website (Korean version) under “News” and submissions can be emailed to the administrative office (iseoulu4@gmail.com).

    Activity Overview of the 4th “I·SEOUL·U Friends/Family”

    □ Activity motto: “Seoul brand made by us, I·SEOUL·U”

    □ Activity period: June – October, 2019 (5 months)

    □ Activity details

    “I·SEOUL·U’ Friends”: general citizens

    • Number of recruited members: 80 – 100 people
    • How to apply: team (maximum 5 people) or individual application
    • Activity details: production of one monthly image-type content or leaflet/pamphlet
      • – Planning and production of monthly content with the Seoul brand identity (coexistence, passion, leisure), and distribution and publicity through SNS
      • – Planning and execution of citizen-participatory campaigns (events) with participation by all members
    • Activity incentives
      • – Provision of monthly activity fee (production costs for contents, transportation expenses, etc.)
      • – Presentation of Seoul Mayor Award (excellent members) and activity certificate by the Mayor of Seoul (for all participants)

    ‘I·SEOUL·U’ Friends/Family’: family unit

    • Number of recruited members: 100 people
    • How to apply: family units (no limit for number of members)
    • Activity details: minimum two-time participation in monthly activities
      • – Completion of simple missions to introduce the Seoul brand to citizens’ everyday lives
      • – Voluntary participation in campaigns (events) as a family unit
    • Activity incentives
      • – Presentation of activity certificate by the Mayor of Seoul (for all participants)
      • – Complimentary Seoul brand goods for campaign (event) participants
    Seoullo 7017
    Activity photos of the 3rd 2018 “I·SEOUL·U Friends”
    Opening Ceremony (OT) group photo Relay volunteer activity
    Team image-type content – exploration of Seoul’s attractions Team image-type content – value of the Seoul brand