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  • 40 Foreign Students Studying in Korea Successfully Complete their Internship with the Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • Integrated News SMG 2430

    Forty foreign students studying in Korea from 15 countries, including the U.S., Russia, and Singapore, completed a five-week internship program at the Seoul Metropolitan Government during their summer vacation, and attended a completion ceremony on August 12.

    Volunteer activities at Mapo General Welfare Center for Senior Citizens, Experience of taekwondo culture at Kukkiwon.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government became the first among Korean government agencies to offer foreign students living in Seoul internships during summer and winter vacations in 2008, and has been running the course ever since then.

    Traditional Korean manners experience , Hanbok costume experience

    Foreign student interns who were selected through screening, with a competitive ratio of four to one, were deployed at divisions and subsidiary organizations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which are widely engaged in exchange with foreign cities.

    They were deployed according to their nationalities, university majors, and areas of interest for five weeks from July 11. They collected examples and cases in foreign countries and conducted diverse types of work to help address the inconveniences that foreign residents must face.

    The completion ceremony for the global interns took place in the main conference hall on the 13th floor of Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building at 3 pm on August 12. The event consists of the awarding of the certificates of completion, a video presentation showcasing their activities, students’ speeches on their internship experience, and dialogue with Seoul Metropolitan Government officials.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Global Internship has produced a total of 178 students from 37 countries through its previous six courses. The 40 students who finished the 7th internship course bring the total number of next-generation global leaders who have experienced Seoul’s city administration to 218.