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  • 4 Trails to Walk Along Hangang River

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    1st Trail: Jamsil Stadium (Jamsil Hangang Park)
    – Gwangnaru Hangang Park – Amsa Ecological Park

    〈Bridal wreaths in Amsa Ecological Park〉

    Jamsil Hangang Park is a perfect place for children to experience the wonders of ecology. In addition to being a nature learning park where you can find Korean indigenous flowers, in the “Fish Path” beneath Jamsil Bridge, you can observe fish go past the path and upstream through underwater periscopes.

    Turn again upstream and cross the Seongnaecheon Stream, and you arrive at Gwangnaru Hangang Park. Located beneath Gwangjin Bridge, Gwangnaru Bicycle Park offers the chance to see rail bikes, BMX, and other unique bicycles perform tricks and ride along the path.

    Leaving the bicycle park behind and walking further upstream, you find Amsa Ecological Park. Organized in pathways, Amsa Ecological Park trails allow you to admire the beautiful spring scenery created by a variety of plants and flowers, including bridal wreath, violet, dandelion, shepherd’s purse, celandine, lilac, as well as seasonal trees. Every month, experience programs such as ecology and observation classes are conducted.

    2nd Trail: Seoul Forest – Ttukseom Hangang Park – Gwangjin Bridge

    〈Rainbow Scent Park (Ttukseom Hangang Park)〉

    Crossing the overpass from Seoul Forest toward the Hangang River, you arrive at Seongsu Bridge. An approximately 1.5km-long trail extends straight upstream. Walking towards Cheongdam Bridge, you can see Ttukseom Hangang Park. In the park, you should not miss the music fountain. Jets of water provide a comfortable, scenic rest and an exciting spectacle to citizens, who dance to the cheerful tunes.

    Taking steps back upstream, you find Jamsil Railroad Bridge. Keep going upstream, and you reach Gwangjin Bridge. Along on the walkway on the bridge, you can go to the observatory under the bridge. On “Gwangjin Bridge 8th Street”, different performances and exhibitions are held every month, so you can enjoy a wide variety of cultural events.

    If you want to walk along the second trail, look around the Hinoki cypress forest newly organized this year in Ttukseom Hangang Park. In the 5,000㎡ area, a total of 650 trees, including 600 cypress trees and 4 kinds of needle-leaf trees such as pine and fir, have been planted. You can stroll in the woods anytime in the middle of the city. In the forest, you can find Rainbow Scent Garden with 1,100 rosebushes and 30,000 flowers of 20 kinds, including lilies and tulips, planted in a rainbow shape.

    3rd Trail: Seorae Island in Banpo Hangang Park and Ichon Han River Park

    〈Rape flower garden in Seorae Island〉

    The best attraction in the spring in the section of Jamwon – Banpo Hangang Park and Ichon Hangang Park is the rape flower garden in Seorae Island. Early in May, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery in Seorae Island all covered with yellow rape flowers. The park is also famous for the best night view along the Hangang River. During the day, lines of tulips and white fringe trees extending from the information center of Banpo Hangang Park to Seorae Island make up a magnificent view, and during the nighttime, the ever-changing colorful lights on the outer wall of the Floating Island give a wondrous variety of spectacles.

    In Ichon Hangang Park, you can see poppies along the bicycle path. At the end of May, the refreshing green barley garden spreads out as well.

    4th Trail: Mangwon Hangang Park – Seongsan Bridge – Mapo Bridge

    〈Poppies around Yanghwa Bridge〉

    Last but not least is the section of Mangwon Hangang Park – Seongsan Bridge – Mapo Bridge. If you would like to walk in silence with a breeze from the river, the 5km-path extending straight along the bicycle path and the walkway behind the pools of Mangwon Hangang Park all the way to Mapo Bridge is recommended. Nanji Hangang Park is just down the river.

    The spring flowers found in the 4th path include ▲tulips in south of Yanghwa Bridge, royal azalea and bridal wreaths in the section of the confluence of Anyangcheon Stream – Gayang Bridge ▲ poppies in the section of Seongsan Bridge – Yanghwa Bridge ▲rape flowers in the reed breeze path in Nanji Hangang Park. Also, do not miss the special flowerbeds in Hangang Parks, such as the Moonlight Flower Path in the Banpo Park and the Butterfly Flowerbeds and the Tulip Path in Yeouido Park.