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  • 39 Schools to be Transformed into “Eco Schools” in 2016

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced the “Eco School Project”, a project to be completed in 2016 that will affect a total of 39 schools including 24 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 7 high schools. Under the project, school rooftops will be made into gardens and unused school parking lots will be transformed into eco experience centers where students can grow food such as tomatoes and peppers.

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Eco School Project will be based largely on active participation by school students and faculty, from planning stages to construction and maintenance. In fact, plans for the project have already largely been completed thanks to continuous communication between the government and the Eco School Promotion Committee, made up of students, faculty, and parents from area schools.

    Following the completion of project planning, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to cooperate with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and other related government offices to assist schools in maintaining their own eco areas.

    The Eco School Project aims to provide an eco-friendly environment for students and local residents by creating green zones and small gardens in underused and unused areas on school property. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been developing and promoting this project in stages since April 2015.