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  • 365 Citizens to Resolve the Difficult Job Creation Issue

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    On October 30, Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the “Seoul Employment Idea-thon—an Exciting Job Talk with the Seoul Mayor,” where 365 citizens will collectively discuss and attempt to resolve the job creation issue.

    This is the final event of the “Seoul Employment Trail” program, through which Mayor Park Won Soon plans to visit 99 workplaces in the month of October in an effort to find solutions to the job creation issue. At this “idea-thon,” citizens will take the initiative in asking questions and finding answers regarding employment issues. Of particular significance is the fact that youths, who are the most affected by job-related issues, are participating in the planning stages of the event, seeking out alternatives that could lead to the development of practical employment policies.

    At the “Exciting Job Talk with the Seoul Mayor,” 365 participants will be divided into teams under three distinct themes: Happy Job Talk, Great Job Talk, and Curious Job Talk. The teams will come up with employment policy ideas based on citizen opinions collected online over a 24-hour period as well as ideas suggested amongst themselves, and selected policy ideas will be reflected in the policies of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Citizens who cannot be physically present at the event may still suggest any employment ideas they may have online.

    ▶ 2015 Seoul Employment Trail website: http://job.seoul.go.kr/job
    ▶ Submission period for job creation ideas: October 7 to 31, 2015
    ▶ Inquiries: 82-2-2133-5457