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  • 36 students from 14 countries to join internship program in Seoul

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    Seoul City’s ‘Global Internship Program’ is gaining a great reputation as it attracts highly qualified students and provides valuable, hands-on experience to help prepare them for work in the public sector. Foreign students who participate in the program during their vacation can have a chance to experience public services and build their careers at the Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as increase their understanding of Seoul.

    Seoul City plans to hold the ‘Fourth Global Internship Program’ from Jan. 5 to Feb. 8. A total of 36 students from 14 countries, including 15 from China, 4 from Japan, 3 from Vietnam, 3 from the United States and two Russians were eligible for the internship.

    In particular, the fourth internship expanded its program by allowing the students to work at affiliated offices of Seoul City as well as the city’s headquarters. Also, the fourth program enables the students to experience Korea’s culture and the city’s administrative work during the two-month period.

    Seoul City selected the 36 foreign students, who are studying at universities in Seoul, after receiving recommendations from each university from November last year and assessing their proficiency in Korean and English languages (or other languages needed for each office).

    “Throughout the internship program, Seoul can increase its awareness as one of global cities to the world and help prepare participating students with future public service opportunities,” said an official at Seoul City in charge of the internship. Seoul plans to open an Internet-based community site to help the students who participated into the internship strengthen their networking as well as a year-end event. Throughout the events, Seoul plans to establish measures on how to build an expatriate-friendly environment in the city.