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  • 36 International students beginning internship 6/29

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    “The 10th Global Internship” of Seoul kicked off on Friday, June 29 for its six-week program which runs until Friday, August 10. Thirty-six students from 16 countries studying in colleges and universities in Seoul work as interns in City Hall, its affiliated offices, or its corporations, alongside the officials of Seoul during the period. The 16 countries represented with interns hail from China, Japan, the U.S., Rumania, Bulgaria and Kenya. A total of 170 international students applied and 36 were chosen, a mere 20 percent of the applicants.

    The interns work six hours a day, five days a week. Their main task is to conduct research on major global cities, which is above and beyond the normal duties of officials in Seoul, making the best use of their language skills and cultural backgrounds. In July, they will have a chance to volunteer in Mapo Senior Welfare Center as part of their social service program and visit Sangam Digital Media City and other places to enrich their experience in Seoul.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has implemented the internship program since 2008, for the first time in the public sector of Korea, during each summer and winter vacation. For the past nine internship programs until February 2012, a total of 261 students from 40 countries completed their internship successfully.