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  • 340 “Farmer’s Markets in the City” Open in Seoul

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    ◈ “Farmer’s Markets” will be open from May to December at Gwanghwamun Square, Dream Forest, Hangang Park, and more.

    This year marks the fourth anniversary of Farmer’s Markets in Seoul. In 2015, about 340 markets will be held in a wide variety of locations around Seoul, including five urban parks, seven Hangang Parks, and three downtown areas.

    Through the Farmer’s Markets, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to provide regular opportunities for farmers to sell their goods, and for consumers in the city to purchase fresh, affordable, and reliable produce.

    Regular Farmer’s Markets will be held at Eunpyeong-gu’s Seoul Innovation Park on the first weekend of every month, Gangnam-gu’s Maru Park on the second weekend, Dongjak-gu’s Boramae Park on the third weekend, and in Gangbuk-gu’s Dream Forest on the fourth weekend. In particular, Gwanghwamun Square will host a farmer’s market every Sunday.

    ◈ Urban Parks: Selling over 200 types of produce for up to 30 percent less than market price

    Over 200 types of specialty produce from 67 cities and districts, including 18 local governments that have signed MOUs with Seoul Metropolitan Government, such as Wando-gun and Suwon City, will be available for purchase at prices ranging from 10 to 30 percent lower than their market prices. Particularly, the agricultural and fishery products available at the farmer’s markets have been produced by a select number of carefully chosen producers in various cities and districts. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they are purchasing produce with guaranteed quality.

    Diverse performances, experiential classes related to urban farming, and cultural events will be held at the markets as well, including a platform matching small-scale producers with consumers, fermented foods made by farmers, Grandma’s eco-friendly, herbicide-free garden, and events related to the Eat Good Food movement.

    ◈ Regional specialties from around the Hangang area to be sold at the Hangang Parks; produce from urban parks to be sold in downtown areas

    Farmer’s markets will be held at the Hangang Parks in Ttukseom and Jamsil every weekend, and every two weeks at the Hangang Parks in Yeouido, Banpo, Yanghwa, Mangwon, and Ichon. Fresh produce from regions outside Seoul along the Hangang (River), such as Yangpyeong-gun and Gwangju City, will be available for purchase at these markets.

    Organic produce and food from regional living cooperative associations will also be available, highlighting urban farmers and their produce. Of particular interest, the markets will feature professional chefs, who will be using the produce sold there as ingredients in a variety of delicious dishes, providing a chance for consumers to taste the goods before making their purchases.