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  • 32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust

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    The ‘2018 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement’ is holding it’s largest scale meeting yet for two days starting Tuesday, September 4 at Seoul City Hall, with major east Asian cities meeting to discuss solutions for air quality improvement.

    This year’s forum will be attended by 18 cities from four northeast Asian countries including Beijing, Tokyo, and Ulaanbaatar, and seven cities from southeast Asian countries for a total of eight countries and 25 cities throughout East Asia. There will be over 300-atmosphere environment specialists, etc. attending the forum from each country. Cooperative atmospheric improvement plans will be discussed for the capital, where Seoul will attend along with Incheon, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, and Chungcheongnam-do, Korea.
    ‘The Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement‘ was first started in Seoul in 2010, making this year it’s eighth opening.

    On the first day of the forum, September 4th, there will be specialist presentation sessions by country for emission reduction plans regarding major sources of fine dust – the transportation sector and living sector. Cooperative plans for cities regarding atmospheric improvement will also be presented.

    On the second day of the forum, September 5th, there will be an open discussion on public and private cooperation plans between attending government officials, environment research institution environment specialists, and civic society organizations from main cities in Korea, China, and Japan.

    With the increasing temperatures, decreased winds and precipitation, and other climate changes taking it’s toll on the atmosphere quality, this forum will also hold the ‘Korea Local Government Talanoa Dialogue’ on the afternoon of the 5th to discuss plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

    Seoul is going beyond just sharing policies to reduce atmospheric pollution throughout northeast Asian cities during this year’s forum, and is expected to be a stage to transmit fine dust management know-how discussed and shared at other forums to the southeast Asian countries suffering bodily ailments due to the harmful effects of fine dust that has been created due to their large-scale construction projects. Additionally, this should be an important opportunity for citizen participation in the making of policies through civic organizations.

    More detailed information on programs and speakers can be found on the 8th Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement website (http://www.airforum2018.kr), and any other inquiries can be made to the managing secretariat (☎ 02-6952-0653, airforum2018@kimexgroup.co.kr).

    32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust

    32 Asian Cities Meet in Seoul to Find Solution for Fine Dust