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[2013] Mayor’s Speech

  • If 3,000 people reduce their weight by three kilograms each, 9 tons of rice will go to our needy neighbors.

  • [2013] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2536


    Taking up the challenge at the Healthy Weight 3.3.3 Project Pledge Event

    Date: June 30, 2013
    Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Seoul City Hall

    Thank you for your participation in the “Healthy Weight 3.3.3. Project Pledge Event” of Seoul Metropolitan City, despite both the hot and humid weather and the fact that today is your day off work. It is very nice to meet you all.

    I’m sure you have all heard the recent news report. According to a local health survey carried out in 2012 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, one out of four Seoul citizens are considered obese. That’s shocking, isn’t it? It is a serious problem. So, today, we have gathered here to start losing weight together. You have made a good decision to participate in this effort, and I will join you.

    Here we have some supporters of this project: Kim Hyeok-su, president of the Korea Yakult Corporation, who will donate an amount of rice equal to the weight we lose; Han Wan-hee, president of Bigwalk, who will donate artificial legs to young amputees; Kim Byeong-yong, president of Naumcare, who will provide support through “dong dong gymnastics,” and many others. I thank you all.

    If 3,000 people lose three kilograms each, that will be a total weight loss of nine tons. If the citizens of Seoul city can lose nine tons of weight, then nine tons of rice will be given to our needy neighbors. This is such a good idea and a good cause, that I was the first to join, and I am ready to participate. I have weighted myself today, and I promise that I will lose three kilograms over the next three months and keep the weight off for another three months.

    According to research carried out by the National Health Insurance Service, we spend KRW 2.62 trillion on obesity-related diseases annually, which is about 6.63 percent of all medical costs, generating a social cost of KRW 1.17 trillion. Now you see why obesity prevention is important both individually and to our whole society. Furthermore, new research has found that eliminating excess abdominal fat increases our life expectancy by three years and that weight loss improves memory. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City pushed for diverse health policies, including obesity prevention, and as a result, the average health level of New York citizens has improved markedly.

    As you know well, no matter how many possessions you have, if you lose your health, you have nothing. This is the motivation behind Seoul Metropolitan City’s Healthy Weight 3.3.3 Project, through which citizens can exchange information, improve their health, lose weight, and make a small donation to the underprivileged members of their society.

    I invite you to take up this wonderful challenge and participate in true sharing.
    Let’s do it together! Thank you.