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  • 300 homeless people in Seoul begin social interaction through SNS

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is joining with the Big Issue Korea, Co., KT, and the international development NGO Good People to administer a Social Networking Service (SNS) education program for 300 homeless people who are trying to reintegrate back into society, and will provide them with used smartphones donated by Korean citizens. The program will run for fifteen weeks from August 21(Tues.) to the end of December, with twenty students meeting twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for a total of six hours, focusing on such topics as “Easy smartphone use,” “How to interact with society through SNS,” and “How to use applications.”

    Under the sponsorship of the mobile communications company Eyes Vision, each person to complete the program will receive a smartphone with around 20,000 won of credit. From then on the users will be responsible for adding credit themselves. However, even if the credit runs out (except for calls and text messages), the phone will still function wherever free Wi-Fi is available. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will install Wi-Fi at every homeless shelter, making it possible for residents to use their smartphones at any time.

    By using their smartphones, homeless people who have been at a disadvantage regarding information can now access Worknet (Ministry of Employment and Labor application) anytime anyplace to search for employment information in real time. Also, those whose ties with family and friends had been severed as a result of being branded a failure in society, and who spend all their time in the shelter, will have the opportunity to interact naturally with society via social networking services (SNS).