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  • On 30 March (Fri), Bamdokkaebi (night ghost) comes back to lighten up Seoul’s night

  • Press Releases SMG 1037
    • – Seoul opens night markets in 6 famous areas in the city with larger scale and space from 30 March (Fri) to 28 Oct (Sun)
    • – 190 food trucks and 360 sellers will join the market where visitors can buy products and enjoy experience programs
    • – The night markets cover World Music (Yeouido), Bamdokkaebi DJ (Banpo), Concert with taste (DDP), and Time Tour Project (Cheonggyecheon)
    • – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will keep operating the night markets so that young start-ups can gain the opportunity to sell their products and small enterprisers can lay the groundwork for standing on their own feet.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 28, 2018 – Bamdokkaebi, which attracted 4.94 million visitors in 2017, comes back. The Seoul city government will open 6 night markets this year (5 markets last year) to live up to the interest and affection from the citizens. The night markets in Yeouido, Banpo and DDP will open on 30 March (Fri) and the ones in Cheonggyecheon and Cultural Depot Park will open on 31 March (Sat). Cheonggye Plaza will run a market on a seasonal basis, which will start to open in May.

    Seoul Bamdokkaebi night market this year will range from global night markets with sellers around the world, the market with great night view, fountain, romance and art to the Korean-style night market for tourists. As such, the Bamdokkaebi night market will feature regional characteristics while presenting various cultural programs like traditional performances, magic show and acoustic music performances. In the night markets, the citizens and tourists can enjoy various programs and have fun.

    Meanwhile, various types of sellers will join the food trucks, including new food trucks waiting for their first encounter with customers as well as the popular sellers at the previous Bamdokkaebi night markets. The food trucks will serve foods from all over the world. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of food ranging from Western food like homemade burger, steak and pasta, Japanese food like sushi and octopus-shaped bread, Korean dishes like Bibimbap (boiled rice with mixtures of meats and vegetables) and Bulgogi (barbequed beef) to skewered food, dessert and unique beverages.

    This year, sellers need to apply for permission to join the market in each region. Selected sellers can open their shops in a specific regional night market in the 1st half of this year (from 30 March to 8 July). Therefore, visitors can enjoy different foods and products in different areas by visiting many different night markets in Seoul.

    On 30 March (Fri), Bamdokkaebi (night ghost) comes back to lighten up Seoul’s night
    Place Concept Details Opening hours
    Yeouido Hangang Park (Mulbit Square) World night market Traveling around the world in Hangang in a single night Every Friday and Saturday
    Banpo Hangang Park (Moonlight Square) Romantic moonlight market Market with night view, fountain, romance and art
    (Eight Junction Square)
    Youth runway market Design market with Youth’s taste and idea
    Cheonggyecheon (Mojeongyo ~ Gwanggyo) Time tour market Korean-style market for tourists in the city Every
    Saturday 17:00~22:00
    Sunday 16:00~21:00
    Cultural Depot Park (Culture Square) Forest picnic market Relaxed picnic in a forest Every Saturday and Sunday
    Cheonggye Plaza

    Season market Seasonal Bamdokkaebi in May, August, September and October Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the seasons