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  • 30-hour Passionate Hackathon for Settlement of Urban Issues

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 4664

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding a hackathon, where 400-plus people are gathered for discussion about how to settle urban issues associated with welfare, environment, culture/environment, and transportation faced by Seoul. Hackathon (hacker + marathon) refers to a lengthy discussion to reach a result about a specific subject.

    The SMG is holding an I·Hackathon·U (Make Seoul Better) session in an effort to settle urban issues of Seoul together with people on June 25. Anyone interested in these issues can take part.
    The SMG intends to use the event as an opportunity to explore realizable technological proposals and link it with its efforts to produce innovative products, policies, and programs.

    Those interested in taking part in the 30 hour-long session need to apply through http://hackatseoul.com/ no later than June 3.

    For inquiries, please call the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) (02-2222-3839).