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  • 286 water fountains in Seoul bubble to life

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    Water fountains start operating 3-4 hours a day during commuting and lunch hours … floor fountains and music fountains expected to draw crowds

    Along with blooming flowers, fountains jetting water into the air are making people in Seoul feel a sense of spring. Water fountains around Seoul, including Dream Forest, Seoul Forest, and Namsan Park, spurted into action from April 3. The fountains operate for three to four hours a day, during lunchtime and morning and evening commuting hours. The daily duration of operation was reduced by about one hour, but Seoul City plans to extend the operation of 110 floor fountains by one to two hours a day on weekends, weather permitting.

    Also this year, floor fountains and music fountains are expected to draw popularity from children and adult visitors. A music fountain in front of Children’s Grand Park, which was renovated last year, is a favorite site for families. Much of the fountain’s appeal springs from its diverse displays of water, music, and light.

    Another jukebox-style music fountain erupted into operation at Boraemae Park. The music fountain operates with pre-programmed songs during daytime hours, but it can play songs selected by visitors between 9 and 10 p.m. Out of a playlist of 109 titles, including pop songs, classical music and children’s songs, a person can choose his or her favorite tune for 1,000 won per song.

    There are five floating fountains in Wolyeong Pond of Dream Forest. The fountains jet water into the air while floating on the pond. They operate regardless of the depth of the pond and can be moved easily. An official at Dream Forest said a view from Cheongun Square (Green Plaza) is particularly great.

    Launched last year, a sound-recognition fountain at Westlake Park is also becoming a famous site in the area. The fountain blasts to life whenever there is noise from an overflying plane. Many visitors wait in anticipation of a plane just to see the fountain’s operation, a sign of its popularity.

    Floor fountains in public parks are also popular with children because they provide wide places for children to romp around and for parents to take a rest on benches. Among the popular floor fountains are the Jumping Fountain in Dream Forest, Floor Fountain in Seoul Forest, Floor Forest in World Cup Park, and Floor Fountain in Gwanaksan Saemmal Park.

    Also popular are the Floor Fountain in Gwanghwamun Square, Floor Fountain in Seoul Plaza, Floor Fountain in Segeomjeong Samgeo-ri of Jongno-gu, Floor Fountain in Banghak Sagye Plaza of Dobong-gu, Floor Fountain in Sun & Moon Fountain Park of Yangcheon-gu, and Floor Fountain in front of Green Plaza nearby E-Mart of Gangdong-gu.