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  • 25 Villager-Led Enterprises Selected to Invigorate Village Economy

  • SMG 3027

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected 25 villager-led enterprises to invigorate the village economy by regenerating the local community and is increasing salaries and jobs for local residents.

    A total of KRW 837 million will be provided to select villager-led enterprises. A maximum of KRW 50 million in project costs will be granted to each enterprise in the first year, and enterprises in their second year can receive up to KRW 30 million.

    Villager-led enterprises and village communities in need of financial assistance are obliged to take prior educational courses, organized by the Village Advocacy Team of the Seoul Community Support Center (SCSC), before submitting an application. Prior education will take a workshop form comprised of beginner, basic, team workshop, advanced, and presentation courses.

    Particularly, in order to improve the stability of operations of villager-led enterprises this year, courses on establishing business schemes, cost analysis, and PR and marketing will also be started. Furthermore, new applicants will be able to learn from the experience of preexisting villager-led enterprises by paying educational visits to established enterprises.

    Applications for the prior educational courses will be made available from February 9 and, after uploading the story of the relevant villager-led enterprise to the website of the Seoul City Social Economy (http://se.seoul.go.kr), and consulting with a villager-led enterprise incubator in each autonomous district, courses will be allotted.

    Villager-led enterprises and village communities applying for project costs can submit an application form and related documentation to the Village Advocacy Team in each autonomous district, from March 16 (Monday) to March 20 (Friday).

    A Meeting of Seoul City Village-Led Enterprises Held in 2014

    Prior Education for Villager-Led Enterprises