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  • 243 Subway Stations in Seoul to use LED Lighting Fixtures

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government disclosed that it will replace all lighting fixtures in the 243 subway stations in the city with 650,000 LED ones, which have higher energy efficiency, with financial support from Korea Finance Corporation (KoFC).

    On April 23, Vice-Mayor Ⅰ for Administrative Affairs of Seoul and President & CEO of KoFC signed an agreement to cooperate with each other on the replacement of all lighting fixtures in the 243 subway stations in Seoul with LED ones.

    Under the agreement, KoFC will provide a total of 43.7 billion won for the replacement of lightings. KoFC will establish a corporation exclusively in charge of the program and operation and maintenance of the replaced lighting fixtures.

    The program is expected to enable Seoul Metro to reduce the use of power by about 57GWh (5%) or 6.6 billion won per year.