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  • 24,000 People Have Used Seoul City International Taxis in the Last Two Years.

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the results of the survey on the operation of and satisfaction with the International Taxi service, which was launched exclusively for foreign tourists two years ago.

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    Since the launch of the International Taxi service in 2009, some 24,000 foreigners (a daily average of 330 users) have used the service for a total 141,994 journeys (daily average of 195 trips). Thus between May 2010 and May 2011, as of the end of the second year of the service, there was a 45.0% (84,036 trips) increase in use of the service compared to the first year (57,958 trips).

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    To launch the International Taxi service, drivers capable of communicating with users in three different languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese) were selected. The service started with 120 International Taxis but has since expanded to 354 cars (as of the end of April 2011).

    Driver’s certificateInternational Taxi drivers are selected through a special screening procedure including a conversation test with a foreigner, a personality test and an interview. Upon successfully completing a training program of over 16 hours, candidates obtain the International Taxi Driver’s certificate.

    So far, some 174 drivers have obtained the certificate as English-speaking drivers, 110 as Japanese speakers and two as Chinese speakers, while 68 drivers can speak more than two languages.

    The International Taxi service is available via reservation through the call center (+82-2-1644-2255), the website (www.intltaxi.co.kr), and airport information desks (in Incheon and Gimpo).

    Fares for the International Taxis are divided into three different schemes: meter-based fares which are 20 % more expensive than the general taxi fare; a fare scheme for the section between Incheon Airport and downtown Seoul; and a sightseeing rental fare scheme. Tourists can choose the fare scheme that best suits their purpose.