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  • 24 Tour Agencies in New York Visit Seoul for Cultural Experience

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a tour program for managers from tour agencies, and for the staff members in charge of managing overseas business trips and travel from global companies in New York, (USA) and offered them a chance to experience the history and culture of Seoul on August 12.

    The visit was arranged from August 10 to 12 at the invitation of Korean Air, and included schedules such as visits to Seoul’s hotspots.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the experience program will promote Seoul’s beauty and values as a tourist designation to the foreign tourist agencies and staff in charge of corporate travel. This will then allow the city to secure the demand of tourists for visits to Seoul as the final destination of their travels and trips, while enabling those agencies and firms to recommend Seoul as the destination of choice for vacation and corporate leave that are given as incentives to staff.

    Notably, the experience tour course was especially composed of hotspots and attractions where visitors can tour the traditional culture and history of Korea, rather than the modern facilities that are popular with tourists from neighboring countries such as Japan and China, in order to enable Western tourists to appreciate the beauty of Korea.

    The participants departed from Seoul Plaza at 9 am on August 12, and toured Changdeokgung (Palace), which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1997; and Samcheong-dong and Insa-dong, which are the flagship streets of the Korean capital. In the afternoon, they viewed a Samullori (percussion of four drums) performance at the Yoon Family’s traditional Korean housing at Namsan Hanok Village, before appreciating Seoul’s modern images and natural beauty at the city’s landmark of N Seoul Tower on the peak of Namsan (Mountain).

    The culture experience program brought together representatives from 24 companies in New York, including major tour agencies, including Travelong, Tzell Travel, AMEX Carlson Wagonlit, and AMEX-United Nations, and global enterprises such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

    Scenes from the Seoul cultural experience

    Changdeokgung (Palace), Namsan Mountain