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  • 220 Well-shaded Streets Selected by Seoul City

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    The city of Seoul is introducing 220 well-shaded and lush streets throughout Seoul for the summer.

    There are about 220 “well-shaded streets in Seoul,” including parks, sidewalks, riversides, streets in apartment complexes, and more. The total length of all of the streets amounts to 225 km, longer than the distance between Seoul and Pyongyang.

    Seoul City has categorized the 220 streets under four themes in order to double the enjoyment of visitors. These categories include, ① well-shaded streets with history and culture, ② well-shaded streets with wonderful nightscapes, ③ well-shaded streets with cool waters, and ④ well-shaded streets with distinctive trees. These themes will help visitors encounter well-shaded streets with diverse appeals.

    Unsuited ones among the streets selected in 2018 have been excluded from the list and additional five streets have been added to offer cool rest areas during the summer for Seoulites. Added to the list are ▴ the trails of Seosomun History Park in Jung-gu that opened this year, ▴ two sections of Gyeongui Line forest trails (sections in Yeonnam-dong and Daeheung-dong), ▴ Changneungcheon walkway in Eunpyeong-gu, and ▴ Dongjak-daero in Dongjak-gu.

    A list of the “well-shaded streets of Seoul” can be found on the official website at https://www.seoul.go.kr/story/summerforest, the website of Mountains and Parks of Seoul at http://parks.seoul.go.kr/park, or the Smart Seoul Map web service.

    Recommended Well-shaded Streets of Seoul for the Summer

    1. Well-shaded Streets with History and Culture

    For individuals who want to walk along well-shaded, accessible streets that are full of history and culture and offer various things to enjoy and eat, Seoul City recommends Samcheong-ro, Hyoja-ro, Donhwamun-to, Jeongdong-gil, and Samcheong Park.

    Well-shaded Streets with History and Culture
    Samcheong-roSamcheong-ro Samcheong-ro is highly accessible as it is located at the heart of the city. As it is located between Gyeongbokgung Palace, a palace from the Joseon period that has been open to the public since 2010, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, visitors who come to this street can look around Gyeongbokgung Palace and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as the National Folk Museum of Korea.
    Hyoja-roHyoja-ro Starting from the entrance of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hyoja-ro is a serene street that follows the wall of the palace, along which visitors can take a walk while meditating or contemplating life. Visitors can also enjoy viewing the National Palace Museum of Korea, free of charge, where various performances, cultural events, and diverse programs for children, adults, and family are being held.
    Jeongdong-gilJeongdong-gil Jeongdong-gil is one of the most beautiful streets in downtown Seoul. In front of the Canadian Embassy of Korea, there is a splendid and grand locust tree of 550 years old that carries numerous stories related to the remodeling of the Canadian Embassy of Korea. The street is worth a good look but visitors should should treat the tree with care when viewing.

    2. Well-shaded Streets with Wonderful Nightscapes

    If you are tormented by the hot summer nights, we recommend taking a walk through the nightscapes of Seoul, viewing the moonlight that seeps through the branches of the trees. Namsan Circuit, Bugak Skyway, Seokchon Lake, and Yangjaecheon Cafe Street, and more are homes to representative nightscapes.

    Well-shaded Streets with Wonderful Nightscapes
    Namsan Southern CircuitNamsan Southern Circuit Flanked by exuberant cherry blossoms, Namsan Southern Circuit offers a magnificent view that makes visitors feel like they are in the forest of a fairy tale. When you reach N Seoul Tower after walking along the Namsan Southern Circuit, a stunning nightscape of the downtown Seoul will spread out in front of your eyes.
    Bugak SkywayBugak Skyway Bugak Skyway is a famous driving course. You can enjoy an enchanting nightscape while feeling the fresh wind from the trees. From Hyoja-ro and Segeomjeong Samgeori, you can reach Palgakjeong Pavilion through Bugak Skyway. Around the Pavilion, the temperature is 1-2℃ lower, as it is located at a high altitude, making it a superb destination on a hot summer’s night.
    Seokchon LakeSeokchon Lake Walking along the trail around the East Lake and West Lake of Seokchon Lake watching the grandeur of Jamsil Tower will refresh visitors. Looking around the fancy urban nightscape while feeling the cool evening breeze is a great way to forget about the relentless heat.

    3. Well-shaded Streets with Cool Waters

    Enjoying the lush trees in an urban space while hearing the sounds of cool trickling water is another joy of summer. Seoul Forest and World Cup Park are places to enjoy greenery and water while playing with your children in water fountains.

    Well-shaded Streets with Cool Waters
    Seoul ForestSeoul Forest Established in 2005, Seoul Forest is famous for its splash fountain, a great place for children to play. Walk down the metasequoia-lined road and visit the Insect Garden and Butterfly Garden with your children to spend some quality time together.
    World Cup ParkWorld Cup Park Together with the metasequoia-lined road near Gangbyeonbuk-ro and the buffer forest around the Nanjicheon Park of the World Cup Park, the splash fountain in Byeoljari Plaza is very popular among children. The fountain of Nanji Pond that offers a splendid view also provides a great place for outings and dates for both families and couples.

    4. Well-shaded Streets with Distinctive Trees

    If you want to feel the pleasure offered by distinctive trees, other than the familiar ginkgos and American sycamores, visit World Cup Park, Ansan Urban Nature Park, Seonam Environment Park, Taebong-ro, or Gwanak-ro.

    Well-shaded Streets with Distinctive Trees
    If you want to visit the metasequoia-lined road in Nami Island that became famous after the drama “Winter Sonata,” you may be able to find one near your house. World Cup Park, Ansan Urban Nature Park, and Seonam Environment Park have more fabulous metasequoia-lined roads.
    World Cup Park, in particular, has metasequoia-lined roads near Gangbyeonbuk-ro in Haneul Park and along the Forest Trail of Hope. The Forest Trail of Hope is a hilly path at the entrance of Haneul Park. If you follow the trail, you can reach the mid-slope of the park and feel the cool breeze.
    World Cup ParkWorld Cup Park Ansan Urban Nature ParkAnsan Urban Nature Park Seonam Environment ParkSeonam Environment Park