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  • 21 Mountains and Parks in Seoul for Watching the Sunrise in the New Year

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    Greet the New Year of 2020 by praying for health and making wishes with your family while watching the sunrise at one of the nearby mountains and parks in Seoul, instead of traveling to distant places like the East or West Seas.

    Seoul and each autonomous district will be holding the “2020 Sunrise Welcoming Event” on mountains and in parks, including the “mountains in downtown Seoul” like Ansan Mountain and Yongwangsan Mountain, the “mountains on the outskirts of Seoul,” and the “parks in downtown Seoul,” allowing citizens to view the grandeur of the sun rising on the New Year.

    Sunrise gatherings will take place in 21 locations that have been divided into three groups: ▴7 mountains in downtown Seoul (Ansan Mountain, Eungbongsan Mountain, Baebongsan Mountain, Gaeunsan Mountain, Yongwangsan Mountain, Samseongsan Mountain, and Namsan Mountain); ▴10 mountains on the outskirts of Seoul (Gaehwasan Mountain, Bongsan Mountain, Bukhansan Mountain, Dobongsan Mountain, Suraksan Mountain, Yongmasan Mountain, Achasan Mountain, Iljasan Mountain, Umyeonsan Mountain, and Maebongsan Mountain); and ▴4 parks in downtown Seoul (Cheongun Park, Haneul Park, Olympic Park, and Hangang Park).

    Each place will offer a variety of programs for welcoming the New Year’s sunrise. Visitors can make New Year’s wishes and create memories together with family, loved ones, and friends.

    The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute estimates that the sun will rise in Seoul at 07:46 a.m. on the morning of January 1, 2020.

    7 Mountains in Downtown Seoul for Panoramic Views of Seoul: Ansan Mountain, Eungbongsan Mountain, Baebongsan Mountain, Gaeunsan Mountain, Yongwangsan Mountain, Samseongsan Mountain, and Namsan Mountain

    Various events, such as the traditional Korean percussion performance, the sending off of hope balloons, the sharing of rice cake soup, and fortune telling with yut sticks, will take place at seven venues downtown, including the beacon mound of Ansan Mountain in Seodaemun-gu, Palgakjeong Pavilion of Eungbongsan Mountain in Seongdong-gu, the park on the summit of Baebongsan Mountain in Dongdaemun-gu, the playground in Gaeunsan Park of Gaeunsan Mountain in Seongbuk-gu, and Palgak Square of Namsan Mountain in Jung-gu.

    10 Mountains on Outskirts of Seoul: LED Drum Performance, Gourd Breaking, and Lighting of the Fire of Peace on Achasan Mountain, Bonghwasan Mountain, and more

    There are ten venues that will welcome the sunrise on the outskirts of Seoul, including Sunrise Plaza at Achasan Mountain in Gwangjin-gu, Fort 5 at Yongmasan Mountain in Jungnang-gu, Sidanbong Peak of Bukhansan Mountain in Gangbuk-gu, Cheonchuksa Temple of Dobongsan Mountain in Dobong-gu, Palgakjeong Pavilion of Bongsan Mountain in Eunpyeong-gu, and the summit of Gaehwasan Mountain in Gangseo-gu.

    4 Parks: Percussion Concert on the Summit in Haneul Park and New Year’s Wish Calligraphy at Olympic Park

    Not only mountains but large parks will become venues for the sunrise welcoming events. With the participation of about 20,000 visitors, Haneul Park in Mapo-gu (on the summit) will be holding events like the writing of New Year’s wishes and percussion concerts. The path from the entrance of Haneul Park will lead visitors to follow an easy path to the summit.

    To check what time the New Year’s Sunrise Welcoming Events start in each of the 21 venues, visit the website of the respective autonomous district or contact the district office before visiting. We recommend dressing warmly with heat packs so as to avoid hypothermia or frostbite due to overexposure to the cold weather while waiting for the sun to rise. At every venue, security guards will be working for the prevention of accidents. We ask that visitors follow their instruction.
    For more information regarding New Year’s Sunrise Welcoming Event venues and programs, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website (http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/sunrise/).