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  • 2021 Seoul Upcycling Festival: Plastic Free to Zero Waste

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    • From September 3 to 5, Seoul Upcycling Plaza holds colorful events to celebrate its 4th anniversary
    • The plaza will livestream a Youtube conference with environmental experts to discuss “transition into a plastic-free society”
    • Singing up for upcycling workshops and children’s classes will be open until August 26

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 27, 2021 –Seoul Upcycling Plaza is hosting colorful upcycling culture events to celebrate its 4th anniversary and Resource Circulation Day. This year’s festival will be held online from September 3 to 5 (Friday to Sunday).

    Amid the protracted pandemic, people are using more disposable items, raising concerns about plastic waste. Against this backdrop, one of the first events to be held during the festival will be upcycling conference under the theme of “transition into a plastic-free society.” The conference, which will be livestreamed through a Youtube channel, will be an opportunity to share ways to reduce plastic in daily lives.

    Citizens are welcome to join many online upcycling programs during the festival. For example, they can learn how to cook without making waste in cooking classes or how to make pet clothes from discarded jeans.

    Upcycling classes for children where kids can learn the value of upcycling are ready, too.

    Companies that have their store at the plaza have prepared courses where people can make pencil cases from remnant leather, LED lamps with candles, and draw pictures with leftover coffee grounds.

    If citizens visit the plaza in person, they can experience the zero waste shop without any wrapping and packaging and upcycling exhibition and repair shop. More than 20 companies participated in the upcycling exhibition to introduce upclyclable materials, upcycled goods, and ideal solutions for reducing waste. At the zero waste shop, visitors can buy upcycled products, products without packaging, dish soap in small packs, and even crops. In addition, the upcycling repair shop fixes items like bikes and umbrellas for the citizens.

    Park Sam-Cheol, Head of Center at Seoul Upcycling Plaza, said, “We have prepared diverse events to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the plaza and the Resource Circulation Day amid this climate crisis. I hope the events provide opportunities to our citizens to experience and contemplate ecofriendly solutions for a sustainable future.”

    2021 Seoul Upcycling Festival: Plastic Free to Zero Waste
    Online Conference Upcycling Workshop
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