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  • 2021 Seoul Smart City Week to Envision Seoul’s Future With Digital Leaders

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    Industry 4.0 technologies, such as metaverse and blockchain, are showing rapid development in line with the advent of a contactless society catalyzed by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will open an online forum where digital leaders at home and abroad, including ICT-related global cities, enterprises, academics and experts, share knowledge, technology and know-how to envision the future of Seoul.

    This year’s Seoul Smart City Week will be held online from Tue, Oct. 12 to Tue, Oct. 19 under the theme of “a contactless society and the near future.” The SMG has been holding the Seoul Digital Summit since 2016 to raise the status of Seoul, which is appraised as the global digital capital. The summit is aimed at seeking ways of cooperation and development among Seoul, businesses, and international cities based on key Industry 4.0 technologies. It has switched to being held online following the name change to “Seoul Smart City Leaders Forum” since last year.

    Focusing on the popularization of Industry 4.0 technologies, this year’s event will cover 14 programs—including lectures, forums, and talks—with the goal of sharing easy-to-understand information to not only experts, but people of all ages, especially the Millennials and Gen Z that are familiar to the digital world.

    The forum will also feature talks via a metaverse platform. Mayor Oh Se-hoon will appear as an avatar to deliver his welcome speech. Speakers and citizens will also be present on the platform as avatars.

    The SMG will also hold the “234 event” via social media from Tue, Oct. 12 to Tue, Oct. 26. Anyone can join the event by simply taking screenshots of speeches and videos, and either upload to their social media account or submit a question during the metaverse talks. Participants will be randomly selected for a variety of prizes.

    멀게 느껴지던 디지털 세계가 가까워집니다. / 2021 서울 스마트시티위크 비대면 사회와 앞당겨진 미래 일자:2021.10.12(화)~10.19(화) 진행방식:유튜브 세상을 바꾸는 시간 15 / 시민 곁의 플랫폼 스마트서울.

    Mayor’s avatar and the metaverse platform

    Mayor’s avatar and the metaverse platform
    2021 서울스마트시티위크 비대면 사회와 앞당겨진 미래 2021.10.19(화)