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  • 2021 Seoul Light, “SEOUL HAEMONG II” Lights up DDP Media Facade on March 26

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    • SEOUL HAEMONG, meaning “interpretation of a dream” in Korean, is going to project splendid spring flowers onto the DDP Media Facade to console Seoulites
    • The renowned Turkish media artist Refik Anadol will showcase his second project in Seoul, following the first one in 2019

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 26, 2021 – The Seoul Design Foundation (SDF; CEO Choi Kyungran) unveils the 2021 Seoul Light festival titled ‘SEOUL HAEMONGⅡ’ on March 26. This year’s Seoul Light will be open to the public from Friday, March 26 to Thursday, April 1, at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

    The theme of the 2021 Seoul Light is “SEOUL HAEMONGⅡ,” which refers to Seoul’s dream interpretation. The SDF explained that they prepared this year’s festival to deliver hope to citizens exhausted by COVID-19.

    The media art project “SEOUL HAEMONGⅡ” will show millions of images based on AI algorithms. The algorithms used in the project have processed over 6 million images of Seoul in the past and present, along with 11,000 photos of natural and ecological landscapes collected from around the world.

    Refik Anadol, a Turkish media artist, participates in this event as a general director and artist.

    He showed his art project at the opening ceremony of 2019 Seoul Light. Anadol said, “I hope the show encourages medical workers who are struggling in the frontline to combat COVID-19. Also, I wish that the event can be a beacon of hope and consolation for all of us.” “Amid the pandemic, the SDF presents various content that provides colorful design experiences of the new era,” noted Choi Kyung-ran, CEO of the foundation. “I hope that this event can help Dongdaemun blossom again like spring flowers and bring a moment of joy where the world briefly returns to normal.”

    The 2021 Seoul Light, “SEOUL HAEMONGⅡ” will strictly adhere to the government’s coronavirus safety guidance. To prevent the spread of the virus and secure a safer environment,the SDF will require visitors to make a reservation in advance.