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  • 2021 Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

  • International Relations News SMG 4127

    1. Internship Overview

    1. 1. Period: Mon, Jan. 4 – Fri, Feb. 19, 2021 (7 weeks total)
    2. 2. Recruits: 15 individuals (scheduled)
      • Public: 11 individuals
      • Private: 4 individuals
        • ※ Subject to change according to the results of recruitment.
      • Hours: 5 days a week; 6 hours a day (09:00–16:00)
        • ※ Subject to change according to the circumstances of the division and prior consultation.
      • Details: Overseas marketing, translation & interpretation (consultation), international business support, etc.

    2. Recruitment Details

    1. 1. Qualifications ※ Unqualified individuals are not eligible to apply.
      • Individual who is currently enrolled in a Seoul-based university (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate program) and has completed more than 4 semesters (2 semesters for those taking master’s or doctorate program) ※ Excluding the current semester
      • Individual with a student visa (D-2) with a period of stay in Korea that is valid up to Feb. 28, 2021
      • Holder of TOPIK level 4-6 ※ Validity must hold (not reached 2 years after issuance)
      • Individual with no reason(s) for disqualification for issuance of a part-time work permit
        • ※ After final participants are chosen, each participant must receive and submit a part-time work permit issued by the immigration office.
      • Optional: Computer certificates, language proficiency certificates, etc.
    2. 2. Selection Method
      • Document Screening (by the Seoul Metropolitan Government): Scoring each assessment item → Recommendation of 3 times the number of high-ranked individuals to be actually recruited to participating divisions
        • ※ Selection Criteria: ① Requirement(s) by division (i.e. major and language) ② TOPIK score (per level) ③ School grades
      • Interview (by participating divisions): To assess the attitude (motivation), ability to express oneself, potential, etc.
    3. 3. Benefits
      • Training support (KRW 52,320 per day; KRW 5,000 for lunch; weekly allowance for full work week)
      • Occupational health and safety insurance ※ Contracted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government
      • Internship certificate (from the Mayor of Seoul; for individuals of at least 80% attendance)

    3. How to Apply

    1. 1. Period: Mon, Nov. 9 – Wed, Nov. 18, 2020 (10 days)
    2. 2. Method: Visit the application webpage and submit the application form online
      ※ Link: https://forms.gle/ii5d5TfUFmWvev4Q8
    3. 3. Documents:
    4. Only those who pass the document screening (three times the number of individuals to be actually recruited) are required to submit documents for submission. The recruitment will be canceled for those who do not submit the required documents or those whose content of the application form does not match the content of their documents.
      • (Required) 1. Copy of Alien Registration Card (period of stay in Korea valid up to Feb. 28, 2021)
        2. Certificate of enrollment (issued within 1 month)
        3. Official transcript (issued within 1 month)
        4. TOPIK transcript (original copy; must be valid)
      • (Optional) Computer certificate, foreign language (excluding Korean) proficiency certificate, etc.
        ※ How and when to submit will be announced to those who pass the document screening

    4. Selection Process

    1. 1. Document Screening
      • Selection Criteria: Requirement(s) by division (language, etc.) TOPIK score, school grades, etc.
      • Number of Selected Individuals: Three times the number of individuals that will be recruited
      • Announcement of Results: Fri, Nov. 20, 2020 (scheduled), selected individuals will be informed of the interview schedule by being contacted personally
        ※ All applicants (selected or not) will be informed of the results personally (via email and text message)
    2. 2. Interview (2nd round screening)
      • Selection Criteria: Understanding about the tasks of the division, communication skills, etc.
      • Number of Selected Individuals: 15
      • Selection Method: Individual interview (each candidate will visit the respective divisions to which they applied)
        ※ Interview Period: Fri, Nov. 20 – Fri, Dec. 4 (detailed schedule will be informed individually)
    3. 3. Announcement of Finalists: Dec. 2020
      ※ All candidates, whether they are finalists or not, will be informed of the results. Divisions with no qualified applicants may choose not to select finalists.
    4. 4. For inquiries, contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Multiculturalism Division (82-2-2133-5081)

    Recruiting Divisions LIST