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  • 2021 May (No.195)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, May No.195Citywide Ventilation Campaign The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a citywide window ventilation campaign to encourage citizens to open windows and improve indoor air quality in their daily life. The campaign encourages citizens to open doors and windows at all times, if possible—provided that there are no external factors of inconvenience. Facilities that cannot leave their doors and windows open at all times are recommended to ventilate for 10 minutes every hour. Indoor sports facilities with many occurrences of respiratory droplets are instructed to increase the frequency of indoor air ventilation by opening all windows for at least 15 minutes immediately before and after business operations. According to recent studies (i.e. Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the risk of COVID-19 transmission can be drastically reduced to less than 10% through frequent and habitual ventilation of indoor space. The city government is encouraging citizens’ active participation in the campaign to get actual effects.Photos of Today Ihwa-dong Mural VillageDownload high-resolution photos of Seoul for free!COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    Pilot Project of “Relief Income” to Support Households of Limited Means The Seoul Metropolitan Government became the first local government in the nation to implement an income relief initiative with its pilot project. As one of the pledges of Mayor Oh Se-hoon, this welfare initiative supports households of relatively limited means of income and resources to realize the city’s values of fairness and coexistence. Households with annual income less than a certain amount will be provided a certain percentage of income. The city of Seoul has organized an advisory group to design the pilot project and held the appointment ceremony. As an initiative directly related to the livelihood of citizens, it will be designed carefully to allow many-sided approaches and studies by the advisory group made up of experts of various fields, including welfare, economics, management, and employment. It is expected that the introduction of this income relief initiative will lead to the ease of income polarization, working motivation, and economic revitalization. Public Sanitary Pad Accessibility Campaign In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a campaign to enhance sanitary pad accessibility in public locations. This campaign aimed to provide sanitary pads at public facilities to improve women’s right to health and citizens’ convenience while creating a social environment in which women are empowered, educated and healthy. The city of Seoul initiated this program starting in 2019 and was awarded the UN Public Service Award that same year while also having been selected as the second-best policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government by international voters. The National Assembly approved a bill that provides sanitary pads to all teens on March 24, serving as a catalyst on a greater scale. 2021 Seoul Drum Festival Held Online & Offline The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the 2021 Seoul Drum Festival, marking its 23rd anniversary, online and offline on May 28–29. This festival featured various programs, including domestic and international drummers’ performances, as well as online metaverse drum class, among many more. Strictly complying with disease control and prevention rules, the festival aims to restore citizens’ passion and leisure enjoyed before COVID-19. A great lineup of domestic and international drummers participated in the main drum contest program, which was canceled last year due to COVID-19, with great reception from audience members. The festival limited its audience capacity to 99 and live-streamed the event via YouTube and NAVER TV while uploaded footage is available online for all to enjoy.

    Seoul Launches Citywide Window Ventilation Campaign Level 2 Social Distancing in the Seoul Capital Area for Three More Weeks Until Jun 13 Seoul Tourism Plaza, a control tower for everything related to Seoul tourism Plan for Nationwide “No Gatherings of 5 Persons or More” Policy Joseon-era Archaeological Site in front of Gwanghwamun Square Disclosed to the Public

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